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Welcome to Denmark

# 1 in Europe for ease of doing business

World Bank 2012 - 2020

Important info Corona information to all companies working with Denmark

It is important to emphasize to all companies working with Denmark that Denmark remains open for business. Freight transport will be able to access Denmark in order to not disrupt the necessary supply chains including food supply, as well as to maintain Denmark's imports and exports of goods and services from and to other countries that is important to uphold the Danish economy.

The Danish Government has passed several economic relief packages for all business in Denmark with a CVR number - including fully foreign-owned companies. Invest in Denmark has created a guide to the Danish relief packages in English.

Why invest in Denmark?

  1. Europe's easiest place for doing business
  2. Productive and motivated workforce
  3. Cost-efficient and flexible labour market
  4. Well-connected infrastructure
  5. World-class R&D and innovation environment

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We see Denmark as a global hub of world-class innovation with talented people, a good education system and a track record of entrepreneurial success.

Ritika Suri, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Corporate Development & Ventures Infosys
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