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Make Denmark your service engine room

Excellent infrastructure, flexible business conditions and an internationally-minded workforce; just three of the reasons why Denmark is the ideal place for your company's service centre.

Accounting, human resources and customer service operations are the backbone of your organisation. You need them to run smoothly and efficiently – and that means finding the best location for your global service activities.

Look no further. Offering flexible business conditions and a highly qualified workforce, Denmark has exactly what you seek.

By placing your service centre in Denmark, you gain access to:

  • A well-educated and highly motivated workforce with one of the highest levels of job satisfaction in the world.
  • Impeccable, near-native foreign language skills, particularly in English and German.
  • Competitive framework conditions and flexible labour laws for fast up and downscaling of activities.
  • Access to native speakers from neighbouring Germany and other Scandinavian countries.
  • A competitive balance between labour cost and labour quality.

A skilled, driven and multi-lingual workforce

Denmark is ranked number 1 nation for employee motivation (IMD 2020) and Danes are known for being among the most efficient, process-oriented workers in the world. No surprises then that, when it comes to global surveys on job satisfaction, Denmark leads the way (Ennova 2018).

The Danish candidate pool is filled with highly qualified and well-educated talent – and language is never a problem. According to the English Proficiency Index (EPI), Denmark ranks 2nd highest for English proficiency among non-English speaking countries. German and French are widely taught in school from the 5th grade.

Many Danes also speak and understand other Scandinavian languages such as Norwegian and Swedish. Due to our close ties with our neighbours, you will meet many Swedish and Norwegian candidates, particularly in Greater Copenhagen, and many German candidates the closer you come to Southern Denmark. Ideal for a Nordic or European service centre.

Selected Case Major retailer places Nordic customer service centre in Denmark

Owned by the British giant Dixons Carphone, Elkjøp Nordic is the largest consumer electronics retailer in the Nordic region. They have chosen Denmark as the location for their new Nordic customer service centre, with up to 400 employees during peak seasons.
“Denmark offers access to unique ICT solutions and a solid security model, which makes it an obvious destination for our customer service centre,” says Martin Tinglef, Head of Customer Care Centre at Elgiganten, Elkjøp Nordic’s brand in Denmark.

Run a flexible and efficient operation

Looking for the flexibility to scale your company’s activities up or down in line with a changing market? Denmark’s labour market regulations enable flexible recruitment, equipping you to run an efficient operation – always with great customer service.

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