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All geared up for the fourth industrial revolution

Make Denmark your production centre. We offer a place at the forefront of technology in a flexible, cost-efficient and low-risk environment.
Danish industry has a long tradition for combining production with R&D. Today, our manufacturing industry is rapidly adopting the latest digitised, highly automated production technology. If you add the fact that the World Bank continuously ranks Denmark as the best country for business, that makes us a top location for your production centre.

Our proactive approach to smart automation puts us at the forefront of Industry 4.0. Our robotics industry, for example, is one of the leading clusters of its kind in the world. We are also known for our high productivity on flexible, cost-efficient lines and our commitment to circular production with a minimum carbon footprint.

In Denmark, your investment is secure for the long-term future.

Place your production activities in Denmark and gain access to:

  • A low-risk environment with no energy downtime or worker conflicts to interrupt your production.
  • Efficient, talented and motivated employees that ensure high productivity and cost efficiency, as documented by the IMD World Talent Report 2019.
  • A future-oriented mindset – according to the European Commission, Denmark is the most digitised economy and society in the EU.
  • An efficient, well-developed infrastructure, making Denmark your gateway to Scandinavia and link to Northern Europe.
  • The Danish labour market, the ideal environment for scaling your production up or down with minimal cost.

Green, corruption-free and efficient

  • Denmark’s energy supply and infrastructure are both sustainable and reliable, with 56% green energy in the energy mix and 99.99% power grid uptime.
  • Denmark is one of the least corrupt countries in the world, with reliable and efficient case handling in the public system. We also have the fastest process for handling construction permits in the EU.
  • Self-managing teams are common in Danish production environments. A typical team makes its own plan for achieving production targets with minimal intervention by the management. This creates highly adaptable production lines that ensure on-time product delivery.

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If you want to know more about how to establish a business in Denmark, please do not hesitate to contact one of our dedicated production advisors: