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Drive innovation with Danish research and development

Denmark is well known for high quality, ground-breaking research and development. Let us help you achieve your innovation goals.

For any company with innovative aspirations, Danish research institutions are among the best R&D partners in the world.

A talented, creative workforce and exceptional opportunities for public-private cooperation are our hallmark. According to the European Innovation Scoreboard, that is just what you need to give your innovation a boost.

Our R&D climate is conducive to research of any kind, but we do have particular strongholds. Our special expertise lies in areas related to biotech, food ingredients, wireless and mobile technology and renewable energy.

Place your R&D activities in Denmark and benefit from:

  • Close collaboration between world-class universities, research institutions and industry in dynamic public-private partnerships.
  • Danish research institutions that score high on global league tables.
  • Access to a highly skilled workforce, essential to developing new high-value products.
  • Opportunities to develop new technologies together with manufacturers, research and development institutions and private companies.
  • Collaboration with several world-class research institutions, including Stanford Research Institute and Synarc Inc.

Connecting science, research and business

Danish universities are known around for world for their contribution to business enterprise and innovation – and several have a particularly high position in international rankings.

Together, they build and share knowledge on everything from primary production to process technology within life sciences, food, cleantech, design and much more. 

Technology transfer and IP opportunities

All Danish universities have an interest in making their research findings and patentable inventions accessible to commercial enterprise. Their technology transfer offices facilitate cooperation between scientists, companies and other interested parties.

Danish IP Fair – come join us!

The Danish IP Fair is your opportunity to scout inventions, intellectual property and the latest technology from Danish universities and university hospitals.

Bringing together companies, investors, entrepreneurial researchers and university business developers, the event provides a day of high-level networking at pre-scheduled partnering meetings and an open IP fair environment.

For more exciting networking and knowledge-sharing opportunities, keep an eye on our event calender for the latest updates.

contact How can we help your company?

If you want to learn more about opportunities within research and development in Denmark, please do not hesitate to contact one of our dedicated advisors: