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Build your future in our innovation nation

Looking for a prime location to make your business stand out? Denmark is a top innovation and test market – and a frontrunner for new tech solutions.

Make Denmark the centre of your innovation and test activities, and you will meet innovative entrepreneurs, find new business partners and discover emerging technologies. That gives you the best conditions for setting your business apart – no matter what the industry.

As one of the world’s top test markets, we have much to offer: our excellent IT infrastructure, some of the world’s highest penetration rates for mobile, broadband and computers, and progressive consumers who are quick to adopt new technologies.


Place your innovation and test activities in Denmark and gain access to:

  • A nation of digital frontrunners with an outstanding IT infrastructure.
  • Relevant design and innovation skills to enhance your capabilities and give your products a competitive edge.
  • A team-oriented approach to idea generation, integrating user-centred design and innovation processes.
  • The Danish collaboration culture.
  • A fast-adopting market, ideal for testing and adjusting new products or technology before entering the European mass market.

Our innovation ecosystem

The European Commission ranks Denmark as an innovation leader due to “open, excellent and attractive research systems, linkages and entrepreneurship, and intellectual assets.”

Generally, we perform well above the EU average in international scientific and public-private co-publications.

Let Denmark be your living lab

Denmark is an ideal living lab for your company when fostering innovation and testing new technologies. End users often play an active part in developing new technology, enabling developers to create highly user-friendly products.

The fact that we are a small, homogenous society, where consumers quickly adopt new technologies, supports our reputation as one of the world’s best test markets. That makes Denmark a good place to start when launching a new product on the market.

Denmark – a leading innovation hub in Europe

  • Denmark is the no. 2 innovation leader in the EU according to the 2017 European Innovation Scoreboard.
  • In 2017, Denmark became the first nation in the world to nominate a Tech Ambassador to attract investments and collaborate with the world’s top tech players.

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