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The leading laboratory for new health solutions

As an international hub for life sciences, Denmark offers foreign companies a respected international health laboratory with a politically favourable climate towards life science, a world-class research environment, a highly skilled labour pool, and a strong, ambitious, and innovative life science cluster.

Home to one of the strongest life sciences clusters in the world, Denmark is a respected international health laboratory. The key to that reputation is the close interplay between public and private partners across science, education and regulatory affairs.

A keen political focus on the area has created the best possible framework conditions for research and development. Over the years, this has attracted many strong industry players.

Why invest in the Danish life sciences industry:

  • Political commitment to the life sciences industry at national level.

  • World-class research standards within life sciences.

  • Home to Medicon Valley – Europe’s leading life sciences cluster.

  • Leading in Europe for clinical trials.

  • World-class competences within biotechnology development.

  • Rapid adoption of new digital health technologies by the Danish population.

  • One of the largest medical technology industries in the world measured in exports per capita.

  • Center of excellence within Medical Cannabis due to established strengths in advanced horticulture and a world-class pharmaceutical sector.

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