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Make your European base at the gateway to north and south

Establishing a regional headquarters in Denmark is easy. We offer one of the best entry points to the European market and a talented, highly motivated workforce.

Welcome to one of the easiest places in the world to do business, connecting you to the Nordic markets of the north and the European mainland to the south. Thanks to a well-developed infrastructure, Denmark gives you quick and easy access to more than 500 million consumers by road, air and sea.

From a cost-quality perspective, Denmark is a high scorer. We also have a highly educated workforce with excellent foreign language skills. No wonder so many companies choose Denmark as the location for their European or Nordic base.

Why establish your European or Nordic headquarters in Denmark:

  • We are consistently ranked as one of the best countries in the world for business according to the World Bank.
  • Denmark is among the least corrupt countries in the world according to the Transparency International Corruption Perception Index.
  • Our efficient public sector sets us apart as an attractive investment destination.
  • We have one of the most flexible labour regulations in the European Union, according to IMD (2017).
  • We have a stable business environment, both politically and economically. Fitch, S&P and Moody's all give the Danish economy an AAA rating (2018).
  • Easy access with four international airports, including more than 180+ direct international flights to Copenhagen Airport.

Video Ease of doing business - Meet entrepreneur Christian Stadil

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Entrepreneur Christian Stadil has started businesses many places in the world. But there something about Denmark that makes it his favourite place for doing business.

Getting started is easy

Establishing a business as a legal entity is quick and easy once all the documents are in place. Company registrations can be made online at a fixed fee below EUR 100 excluding legal costs. At 22%, the corporate Danish tax is below the OECD average.  

Top choice for a European or Nordic expansion

A highly educated workforce, flexible labour market regulations and low employer social security contributions make Denmark an attractive base for expanding your business into Europe or the Nordic region.

The Danish business culture is dynamic and experienced in international relations. On moving to Denmark, international companies are soon ready for business and experience smooth and easy access to other countries in the region.

Flexible labour regulations and a good social security net are a benefit to employers and employees alike. While employers have good opportunities to hire and fire according to their business needs, employees have a high level of security when changing jobs – increasing their mobility.

Motivated, educated and efficient employees

Finding multi-lingual staff in Denmark is easy. Denmark ranks second on the EF English Proficiency Index 2020. You will find that most Danes understand the other Nordic languages, too.

Danes also have the highest worker motivation in the world according to the IMD World Talent Report 2020. Danish employees distinguish themselves by being efficient, process-oriented and willing to take responsibility.

When you set up your headquarters in Denmark, you will not only benefit from a ready and able workforce. You will experience an unrivalled work-life balance, flat organisational structures and good Danish welfare services – just a few of the reasons why Denmark is a great place to live.

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