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Nourishing the world with food innovation

Denmark’s food cluster is known around the globe for quality, safety, sustainability, organic production, gastronomy…the list goes on.

Why you should invest in the Danish food sector:

  • We are Europe’s number one hub for food innovation.

  • We are global frontrunners in organic food production.

  • Your business will benefit from the Danish culture for collaboration.

  • You will gain strategic advantages within quality and food safety.

  • Denmark is known for making the most of the world’s resources.

  • Our cutting-edge generation continues to reach new gastronomic heights.

  • Our ‘Made in Denmark’ label stands for high quality, safety and excellent hygiene.

For centuries, the Danish food sector has been about getting the best out of the resources that nature provides. Today we are a recognised frontrunner in food innovation and we are ready to inspire you with our know-how.

Sharpen your strategic edge

Around the world, Danish food products are synonymous with high quality, reliability and excellent hygiene. Our manufacturing businesses operate some of the world’s most advanced processing plants, and our research and innovation capabilities are internationally renowned.

Denmark is also a centre for sustainable food production. When you do business with the Danish food cluster, you will find a wealth of experience and know-how about resource efficiency – enabling your company to produce more with less and at much lower cost.

Organic food production has placed Denmark on the world map. At the same time, we are home to a ground-breaking generation of chefs and restaurants that rank among the best in the world.

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