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From Denmark with love: THE FOOD OF THE FUTURE 

Join the food industry in Denmark and we will share our knowledge, experience and innovation – let’s work together to create the food of tomorrow.

The Danish food industry is well known worldwide for its strongholds in areas like food quality and safety. Sustainability, organic food, gastronomy, ingredients, innovation technology and the Danish way of collaboration.

The Danish agriculture produces enough food for around 15 million people - three times the population of Denmark; although, the food sector provides almost 150,000 fulltime jobs, equivalent to 5-6% of total Danish employment. The keyword is process efficiency.

We feel strongly about our food and we value healthy, nutritious, natural and high-quality food – with nothing less than great taste. 

The DNA of the Danish food cluster


  • The Danish food industry is one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly in the world. The industry is characterized by the ability to produce with minimal pollution, high resource efficiency and a small carbon footprint.
  • A cost-efficient production with a strong focus on turning waste streams into new high-value products is a trademark of the Danish food cluster.
  • Denmark is known for making the most of the world’s resources – and excels at being able to produce more with less.
  • Denmark is leading the way in reduction of food waste and valorisation of side streams.

Check out Food Nation Denmark’s White Paper on Sustainability here

Innovation through collaboration

  • Collaboration is deeply rooted in Danish business culture – especially in the food industry – and the key is a cross-disciplinary approach with a flat hierarchy. 
  • The collaboration between researchers, companies and public institutions is at the core of what the Danish food cluster stands for.
  • The Danish tradition of trust, collaboration and mutually beneficial partnerships across the Danish food cluster has built new knowledge and innovation power, which contributes to the international competitiveness of the cluster.

Check out Food Nation Denmark’s White Paper on Collaboration here

Quality and Safety

  • “Made in Denmark” is an acknowledged global brand stamp that equals safe and high quality food.
  • High quality is one of the basic values of the Danish food cluster and we have a long tradition of working for a consistently stable quality in our products.
  • Danish food manufacturing businesses operate some of the world’s most advanced processing plants and the research and innovation capabilities are internationally renowned.

Check out Food Nation Denmark’s White Paper on Quality and Safety here

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Why choose Denmark for YOUR BUSINESS

1. Come to Denmark for Innovation and R&D Facilities and Partnerships

  • Being a part of the Danish food cluster, you will – through collaboration with all stakeholders in the cluster – be part of one of the world’s most innovative food clusters.
  • You will benefit from the intensive knowledge and experience within food in the form of highly educated talent in a labour marked characterised by flexibility, high productivity and competitive salary levels in a European context.
  • True to the tradition of collaboration and partnerships, you will have easy access to companies, start-ups and academia and gain access to an efficient and agile system that delivers the solutions of tomorrow.

2. Come to Denmark for Production Facilities for the European or Scandinavian market

  • Is sustainability high on your agenda? Then there is no way to avoid that Denmark is leading the way for sustainable production of new and innovative food products. 
  • On top of that, there is easy access to the authorities that work closely with companies to ensure that establishment and operation run as smoothly as possible. Being geographically well positioned in Europe and Scandinavia, your customers are well within reach. 
  • As the Danish standards are high and regulations strict, compliance with Danish standards and regulations means compliance with the rest of Europe. Food and ingredients produced in Denmark according to Danish regulations are ready for export to the remaining countries of the EU.
We welcome you to tap into our knowledge and knowhow and share our innovation - to work with us to make the food of the future.

We would love to work with you! Join us in the world’s greatest food cluster in Denmark

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