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The future of tech starts in our digital country

Denmark is one of the world’s top locations for tech activities, featuring an excellent test market with access to world-class software development talent pools.

Is your business in the tech industry? Then Denmark can provide the ideal location for driving your R&D and testing new software for robotics, acoustics, wireless and smart city technology.

Come to Denmark, and you will find one of the world’s highest penetration rates for mobile phones, broadband and computers. Our leading position within ICT is driven by the ability and willingness of Danish companies to embrace new technologies.

Why you should invest in the Danish tech industry:

  • Denmark is the most digital economy and society in the EU according to the European Commission.

  • 94% of Danish citizens are online and make active use of a variety of online services.

  • Our businesses embrace digital technologies including cloud computing, e-invoicing and social media.

  • We provide fast broadband cover. Fast connection take-up continues at a rate well above average European levels.

  • Denmark has the widest 4G coverage and an ambition to lead the rollout of 5G.

  • The Danish government is dedicated to ensuring we stay among the world’s leading tech nations.

  • We offer excellent conditions for R&D through collaborative business and cross-disciplinary research.

One of the most digital countries in the EU

Ranked by the European Commission as one of the most digital countries in the EU, Denmark provides excellent conditions for international tech companies to test and develop new IT solutions.

Building on the opportunities that our digital society offers, Denmark is home to many frontrunner start-ups and entrepreneurs with a strong tradition for going global, these include Skype, Just Eat, Zendesk and Momondo.

Leading tech innovation

Denmark is known for its leading tech research and innovative talent pool, which has made lasting impressions in the global software arena. C++, C#, TurboPascal and Visual Prolog are examples of programming languages developed by Danish programmers.

Download Denmark's digital growth strategy

The vision is clear: Denmark has to remain a digital frontrunner. To achieve this, the Danish government allocates 134 million EUR to initiatives running until 2025 as a part of a new ‘Digital Growth Strategy’.

Explore the business opportunities this presents for your company.

Download FREE whitepaper and kick-start your Danish AI business adventure

Did you know that Denmark provides excellent opportunities for developing, testing and applying AI within highly digitalised application areas including healthcare, robotics, agriculture, finance and acoustics? 

Download whitepaper to get a sector overview, investment insights and learn how to get started in Denmark.

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