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Fintech Nation Denmark

Denmark has experienced a rapid growth in the Fintech sector in recent years, making Fintech the largest and fastest growing investment vertical in the Nordic start-up ecosystem creating a massive growth in jobs, investment volume, and partnership formations. 

An environment for innovations and future start-ups

Valuable partnerships and testbed for new solutions fosters an environment perfect for innovation and future start-ups. The Danish Fintech ecosystem is centred around the cluster organisation Copenhagen Fintech. With start-ups at the heart of their operation, Copenhagen Fintech has successfully positioned Denmark as a globally leading FinTech hub that contributes to a strong, value-creating financial industry in Denmark and beyond.

The global acknowledgement of the Danish expertise within AI, blockchain and cybersecurity is important for Copenhagen FinTech’s future partnership opportunities. 75% of start-ups responded that Copenhagen Fintech has had a positive impact on the development of their business in the latest ‘Corporate & Start-up Survey’ from 2020.


Regulatatory Sandbox

From a political perspective, there is also growing support of integrating FinTech within the Danish financial sector, which is why The Danish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) is developing the FinTech Lab, a regulatory sandbox, as part of its initiatives to promote the use of innovative technology in the financial sector. The Danish FSA’s sandbox project will allow selected businesses to test their inventions in a controlled setting, and the overall purpose of the FinTech Lab is to:

  • Provide a basis for testing innovative financial products and services
  • Promote the development of beneficial financial products and services for the consumers and the society
  • Enable the Danish FSA to better understand Fintech
  • Support the use of new technology in the financial sector

The future of the FinTech industry is bright, as its impact has already revolutionized the financial sector. Not only do hubs such as Copenhagen Fintech keep a close eye on the industry; so does Invest in Denmark. Fintech is rapidly changing client demands and expectations and we stand ready to introduce you to one of the leading Fintech ecosystems in Europe. 

Danish FinTech in numbers

  • 319 FinTech startups

  • € 1.2 billion invested in FinTech startups, 2021

  • 4.068 employees in FinTech startups



Invest in Denmark Fintech investment case


Why DEnmark Establish your Fintech business in Denmark to:

  • Develop your service in close collaboration with end-users.

  • Tap into the well-established tradition for public-private partnerships.

  • Benefit from a strong network of other fintech startups 

  • Be part of a fast growing sector 

  • Gain access to world-class researchers and a specialised talent pool.

  • Gain easy entry to the European market.

  • Benefit from a highly digital society where consumers quickly adapt to new technologies.


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