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Build your AI adventure in Denmark

The strongest base for digital knowhow, talent and trust
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Is artificial intelligence the future of your business? Then, Denmark is the location for your business growth. As the most digitalised society in the EU, Denmark offers endless opportunities to test and apply new AI technologies.

Danish businesses are experienced frontrunners in digital knowhow, supported by world-class AI and machine learning research and a wealth of innovative start-up companies. Today, international tech companies recognise Denmark as an AI hotspot – the go-to place for leading research, talent and innovation along with good business ethics and trust.

The Danish government has launched a new national AI strategy to support the public and private sector in building on that foundation. By 2025, the vision is to be a world leader in responsible and ethical use of AI – where the right to privacy, security and transparency takes first place.

Place your AI activities in Denmark – the best location for facilitating your company’s sustainable growth.

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Six good reasons to locate your AI activities in Denmark

  • The most digital country in Europe

    Denmark provides excellent opportunities for testing and applying AI within highly digitalised sectors, such as healthcare, sound, robotics, finance, government and agriculture.
  • Some of the world's best data

    Denmark has a long experience with collecting and managing social, economic and environmental data and tops the Open Data Watch global ranking for the quality, coverage and openness of its statistics.
  • World-class AI research and talent

    Denmark has a global reputation for its competencies within user-driven innovation and ability to integrate complex software systems.
  • A vibrant start-up community

    A myriad of innovative start-up companies are looking for partnerships to co-develop solutions and grow on international markets.
  • Unique partnering opportunities

    Collaborative partnerships with leading Danish research institutions are widely accessible for the development and deployment of AI and machine learning in a growing regional market.
  • Ambitious political strategies

    The Danish government is committed to meeting the need for science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) talents to drive sustainable innovation and growth using digital technologies.

What companies say about Denmark

We see Denmark as a global hub of world-class innovation with talented people, a good education system and a track record of entrepreneurial success.

Ritika Suri, Executive Vice President and Global Head of Corporate Development & Ventures Infosys
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    In partnership with digital hub Denmark

    Invest in Denmark works with Digital Hub Denmark to market Denmark’s strong digital growth environment internationally and to attract more businesses, talent and investments. The joint effort is part of one of 38 initiatives in Denmark’s Digital Growth Strategy, which aims to secure and enhance Denmark’s position as a digital frontrunner.