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A hotspot for human-centric and ethical artificial intelligence

Denmark provides excellent opportunities for developing, testing and applying AI within highly digitalised application areas including healthcare robotics, agriculture, finance and within the Metaverse.

With a strong software development legacy, world-class data and public support, Denmark offers solid opportunities for foreign companies to access world-leading applied AI research and an attractive talent pool acknowledged for its user-driven innovation approach and ability to integrate complex systems.

In addition, a long and strong tradition with public-private partnerships provides unique partnering opportunities with leading Danish research institutions in the development and deployment of AI and machine learning in a growing regional market. Denmark’s start-up ecosystem has a myriad of innovative AI start-up companies looking for partnerships to co-develop solutions and to tap into the vast international growth opportunities.

Areas of expertise within Artificial Intelligence in Denmark are:

NLP – Natural Language Processing

Denmark has a vibrant NLP community with some of the strongest research groups in Europe. The NLP group at the Department of Computer Science at the University of Copenhagen is one of the best research groups in the world. Copenhagen also offers smaller NLP research groups at the Technical University of Denmark and the IT University of Copenhagen as well as a growing industry with players such as Siteimprove, Karnov Group, Trustpilot, and a myriad of recent start-ups.

Algorithms and complexity

A stronghold for Danish Universities is algorithms and complexity where world-leading researchers focus on developing new AI systems. Such as understanding how efficiently computers can solve combinatorial problems, analysing and making new machine learning algorithms more efficient and using this research to make an impact in the real world.

Data mining and machine learning

In general, Denmark and especially Danish universities have a long tradition for collecting and working with Big Data. Danish universities, IT companies and government institutions collaborate to develop techniques for big data analysis to apply and focus on practical cases with a large business or societal potential. This has paved the way for doing ground-breaking research and solutions within areas such as data clustering, outlier detection and predictive modelling.

Human centred AI

All research groups, who conducts research within AI at Danish universities, focus on how to make the development of AI more human centred. They conduct research on how AI comes to its decisions, how it impacts those affected by it, and how to make sure that privacy is not compromised. They also try to address the need for developing strong technical competencies to generate new types of interaction between people and software.

Establish your AI R&D activities in Denmark to:

  • Tap into top class Danish universities and a growing talent pool of computer scientists working with AI disciplines such as natural language processing, algorithms and complexity, machine learning and data mining.

  • Work with a strong Tech ecosystem in Denmark working with applied AI in health and biotech, energy and environment and agriculture among others.

  • Tap into some of the world’s best data, where Denmark has a long experience with collecting and managing social, economic and environmental data for research and product development.

  • Benefit from Denmark’s international renowned software development legacy with Danish researchers and developers at the forefront of creating programming languages and future technologies.

  • Take advantage of unique opportunities for testing and applying AI within a highly digitalized society and private sector across a number of domains.


The Danish AI Pioneer Centre

In 2022, Denmark's new Pioneer Centre for Artificial Intelligence was officially opened. It is Denmark's largest research centre for AI and associated partners include all 5 universities in Denmark. 

quote ikon
“The unique character of the Pioneer Centre for AI comes through in the way in which we work with the grand challenges. The challenges we will confront are not merely a matter of big data and bigger models; rather, they are high-touch, messy, deeply human problems, for which tech is but one component, situated alongside vital contributions from social science, participatory design, journalism, public policy, and beyond”
Serge Belongie Professor and director in the Pioneer Centre for AI

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Explore metaverse In Denmark

Given the country’s growing research community and strongholds within areas such as AI, sound technology, animation and game development, Denmark provides an excellent opportunity for foreign companies who are looking to find new partners and expand their business within the metaverse. 

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