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Your best test centre for robots and drones 

Denmark is the world's best test market for robots and drones. Our robotics cluster has everything you need for enhanced product development, with easy access to the entire European Union.
There is really no better place to test, develop and market next-generation robots and drones than right here in Denmark. We are not just the home of full-scale test facilities. Our long tradition for end-user collaboration has a proven track record when it comes to developing innovative solutions for complex processes.

Both the end-users who work with robots and drones and the decision-makers who buy them and support research have a reputation for their openness to new technology. That makes Denmark the easiest point of entry to the European market.

Establish your robotics business in Denmark to:

  • Develop products in close collaboration with end-users.
  • Tap into the well-established tradition for public-private partnerships.
  • Benefit from a strong network of robotics and drone suppliers and technology developers.
  • Explore the fast-growing movement towards collaborative robots.
  • Gain access to world-class researchers and a specialised talent pool.
  • Gain easy entry to the European market.
  • Benefit from a highly connected society where consumers quickly adapt to new technologies.

The world’s best test market

Denmark hosts a range of test sites for drone and robot applications in healthcare, agriculture and production, including opportunities for running tests with real end-users and in full-scale environments.

Here are a few examples:

  • Fully operational nursing homes and living labs for testing robots and welfare technology.
  • Full-scale airport allocated to the development and testing of drones, with three airspaces covering 867 km2 in total and BVLOS (Beyond Visual Line of Sight) testing capabilities.
  • Independent vehicle testing facilities, including vibration track, auto steering track, precision application tracks and more.

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A foothold in Denmark means a foothold in the vast EU market with 490 million consumers – supported by our geography and infrastructure.

Danes have the most positive attitude towards the use of robotics in the EU and rank high in international benchmarks of technological readiness, making Denmark the easiest entry point to the European market.

Get the facts about Danish robotics.

Denmark moves to 4th place on the Global Digital Readiness Index

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