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Driving the world of software development

Denmark ranks no. 1 in Europe for digital performance. That makes us an attractive location for elite software companies like IBM and Microsoft.
Are you looking for world-class software development? Then we can offer the best possible innovation environment – right here, in the world’s most technologically advanced software development hub.
Denmark’s leading software expertise is globally recognised. Along with our top ranking in the EU Digital Economy and Society Index, we are world leaders for software usage, broadband subscriptions and number of internet users.
Microsoft, IBM, Google are among the software companies that tap into our innovative R&D, creative design capabilities and user-driven approach. As a hotspot for software development, Denmark has everything you need to sharpen your competitive edge.

When you choose a location in Denmark, your company gets access to:

  • Experienced research and development engineers with strong industry know-how.
  • Internationally recognised software development research. 
  • A culture for sharing skills and technologies and developing holistic user-driven solutions.
  • A large community of start-ups that are frontrunners in digital innovation.
  • A strong track record for designing and developing user interfaces and software.
  • A critical mass of world-leading industry players.
  • Danish design capabilities, known for aesthetic, functional and minimalistic software that is easy to understand, extend and build on.

Denmark – a global software pioneer

Denmark has made a lasting impression on the global software arena. C++, C#, Turbo-Pascal and Visual Prolog are just some of the programming languages developed by Danish programmers.
Today, Denmark is home to world-class software development talent - particularly within security and encryption, business solution development, eGovernment solutions and acoustics software.

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Did you know that Denmark provides excellent opportunities for developing, testing and applying AI within highly digitalised application areas including healthcare, robotics, agriculture, finance and acoustics? 
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Video made by Amcham learn why IBM decided to place a Client Innovation Centre in Copenhagen

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