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Shape the future with quantum technology

As one of the world’s strongest hubs for quantum research and the most innovation-friendly country in Europe, Denmark is an attractive location for entering the second quantum era.

The strong interplay between world-class researchers and a long tradition for public- private partnerships is part of the reason why Denmark is the perfect incubator for companies developing quantum-enabled solutions to solve complex problems.

Another reason is our strong innovation ecosystem that offers access to knowledge and expertise in areas that are key to driving the development and innovation of quantum technologies including computing, -communication and -sensing.

Microsoft has chosen Denmark as their location for state-of-art research and development; their aim is to develop and build the world’s first general purpose, scalable quantum computer in a partnership that offers tremendous new opportunities for science and technology.


Video Watch why Denmark is a Quantum Hub

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Watch Professor Charles Marcus, Niels Bohr institute, and Jan Lillelund, CTO at IBM Denmark, explain why Denmark is one of the strongest hubs for quantum technology in the world and the most innovation-friendly country in Europe. 

Establish your quantum r&d activities in Denmark to:

  • Work with internationally recognized quantum technology researchers and research groups through R&D collaborations with Danish universities 
  • Get access to state-of-the art research facilities and consultancy services through the Danish government-approved Research and Technology Organisations
  • Take advantage of funding schemes financed by the Innovation Fund Denmark in collaboration with Danish partners from industry and academia
  • Benefit from working in a multidisciplinary ecosystem that can drive complicated R&D with world-class competences within computer science, nano-technology, photonics and material science, and much more
  • Collaborate with a critical mass of world-leading industry players in e.g. pharma, fintech, energy and robotics to develop and test NISQ era applications

Fun fact Denmark - A quantum pioneer

Quantum theory was developed in Copenhagen in the 1920es and 1930es when leading scientists came to Copenhagen from all over the world to learn anddiscuss the development of quantum theory with Niels Bohr and other prominent researchers within the field.o.

Today, the approach to quantum mechanics developed by Bohr and fellow researchers is known as the Copenhagen Interpretation and it has become the default conception taught in quantum physics all over the world.


Do you want to know more?

To learn more about the Danish ecosystem for quantum technology development, please do not hesitate to contact one of our dedicated advisors: