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Biosolutions - Join the change towards a sustainable future

Denmark has been at the forefront in the application of biotechnology for decades and furthermore has many solution providers and universities strongly invested in the field, evident opportunities to export solutions and share knowledge occur. 

Biotechnological products, such as enzymes in washing powder and alternative protein sources, have become one of Denmark’s strongholds, with several Danish biotechnology companies with unique products, knowledge and skills within biosolutions form a dynamic ecosystem. Enzymes, microorganisms, bacteria culture, pheromones, etc. all contribute to carbon reduction in other industries’ manufacturing process and end products. Biosolutions is like the “little helper” in numerous sectors.

Advances in these technologies have led to a thriving innovation system, with world-class universities, one of Europe’s strongest local startup scenes, and a massive industrial manufacturing sector anchored on large-scale biosolutions.  

Look to Denmark for inspiration on the newest solutions addressing the global challenges to provide sustainable and healthy food

The food sector in particular is undergoing a dramatic shift towards sustainability through biosolutions. The Danish food cluster is well-known worldwide for its strongholds in areas like food quality and safety, organic food production, gastronomy and health. Combining a focus on innovation and quality underpinned by technological advances in biosolutions has generated significant opportunities for companies that establish in the Danish food cluster.

Denmark is proud to be a nation that loves food and paving the way to a more sustainable food nation. From small-scale producers that work as a test ground for new ideas, to large scale multi-national companies that support agriculture and feed customers all over the world, Denmark is always looking to new ideas on how to be more sustainable and future-focused.

Come to Denmark for Innovation and R&D facilities and partnerships in one of the strongest innovation ecosystems in Europe 

The Danish government aims to create an ambitious strategy for the green transition in our society so that we can produce and consume smarter, with respect for limited natural resources.

Lighthouse Zealand is a large consortium of public and private operators in Denmark that aims to lift the entire sector to an international level. The consortium will fund investments in laboratory equipment, tests, demonstrations, production facilities, facilitate innovative collaborations between companies and universities and seek to strengthen education while attracting qualified skills to the region.

Facilities and infrastructure in Denmark would therefore be able to take a biosolution idea all the way from a concept through to testing in a laboratory to up to full-scale industrial manufacturing, with a focus on building the production facilities as flexibly as possible so that many different raw material feedstocks can be handled.

Denmark has a deep expertise in Industrial Symbiosis 

Benefit from opportunities for sustainable and innovative partnerships by participating in the “Kalundborg Symbiosis model,” a global success story of using industrial symbiosis in biotech, combining tight industrial partnerships, design thinking, and high levels of trust and collaboration. 

Denmark the leading platform for the commercialization of biotechnology

  • Denmark has a proven capacity to accelerate biosolutions through the commercialization process, helping transform concepts into real- world applications all the way from concept to industrial manufacturing. 

  • Biosolutions are grounded in a world-class ecosystem of leading research and training hubs such as the University of Copenhagen (KU), the Danish Technological Institute (DTI), and the Technical University of Denmark (DTU).  

  • In Denmark, there is a direct links between and across academic institutions, funding bodies, public partners, and an emerging biotech startup ecosystem that brings together advanced science, incubation and acceleration programs, and an active venture funding network to create the biosolutions of the future. 

  • At the industrial scale, major Danish companies such as Novozymes, Chr. Hansen, and several others have built a world-class biotech industry based on industrial biotech for a range of applications, driving investment into industrial scale manufacturing while building expertise in the local workforce and research community. 

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