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Explore the Metaverse in Denmark

Denmark and Danish companies are embracing the metaverse. The development of digital experiences is moving at a rapid pace, and as a digital frontrunner, Denmark is leading in technological trends. Given the country’s growing research community and strongholds within areas such as AI, sound technology, animation and game development, Denmark provides an excellent opportunity for foreign companies who are looking to find new partners and expand their business within the metaverse. 

Danish companies are embracing the metaverse

While Microsoft and Meta (Facebook) are working on versions of a metaverse where artificial intelligence and augmented reality merge with the real world, Companies in Denmark already exploit the benefits of Virtual and Augmented reality solutions in training programs, reparations of equipment and product development.

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“Denmark is a recognised global leader in many areas of technology, including green tech, biotech, pharmaceutical sciences, telecommunications, IT and design. We all know the successes born in Denmark: LEGO, Universal Robots and Skype - to name a few.”
Rob NailGlobal CEO, Singularity University

Metaverse for global internal communication

One good example of a company that is already on board the metaverse is Accenture. They have launched the platform 'the Nth floor', as an internal work platform to bring remote teams together. It expresses a willingness to change and reimagine the workplace for both current and future employees. Managing Director at Accenture Denmark further explains:
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"The foundation is underway, both in Denmark and internationally, however, Denmark has a unique advantage, as we are one of the most digitalised countries in the world with a tech savvy workforce, having the right capabilities. This provides ideal opportunities for companies located in Denmark to exploit this potential and be the frontrunners within the metaverse."
Anders Sillassen Managing Director, Accenture Technology

Grundfos, Vestas, Mærsk are a few of the other Danish companies that operate with their own versions of the metaverse. Grundfos applies Virtual Reality for onboarding programs where their metaverse combines a training room and a digital version of their water utilities. The feedback on the metaverse used in their onboarding programs is very positive and the introduction of the metaverse has shown to be highly effective in increasing knowledge of Grundfos’ systems among new employees. Likewise, Mærsk uses Virtual Reality for safety training. Mærsk educate their ship officers to predict, monitor and act on dangers during mooring, which is a complex and varied task on board.

Furthermore, Lego has announced a partnership with Epic Games, the gaming group that owns Fortnite, to develop a metaverse. The mission is to create a digital experience for kids to access tools that will empower them to become confident creators and build a safe and positive virtual space.

Research institutes in Denmark

The University of Southern Denmark has launched the SDU Metaverse Lab, which is an interdisciplinary research, academic and impact-generating organization. The Metaverse Lab is focusing on creating experiences and technologies that enable people to shape and engage with 'the future'. The lab combines researchers, companies and organisations on interdisciplinary projects such as gaming, health, robotics etc. and the academic environment is designed to facilitate collaboration and technology transfer.

The Danish Technical University (DTU) is another research institute with increasing focus on the metaverse. DTU Space is helping Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen ahead of his second space mission. DTU is proposing a project in which Andreas Mogensen will test a Virtual Reality mental health system for astronauts.

Denmark is also a leading global centre for breakthrough sound technology. To support this, the government has founded the Danish Sound Innovation Network – a hub for research institutes, businesses, public organisations, policy makers and professional users. Key areas of expertise include human perception of speech and sound, hearing and hearing loss, loudness, computer-aided speech, music recognition, signal processing and optimised transducers.


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