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One of Europe’s leading hub’s for medical technologies 

Denmark is one of Europe’s leading hub’s for medical technologies – and base for a critical mass of world-leading companies. With strong ties between industry, universities and healthcare system, Denmark sets the agenda for integrating technology in healthcare and society.
The presence of top-performing universities working at the forefront of techno¬logical development contributes to Denmark’s strong position within medical technology. Besides cutting-edge research, Danish educational institutions offer a number of hybrid educations com¬bining medicine with technology, which makes them incubators of world-class talent and successful spin-outs.  

With a strategic location, Denmark is a natural gateway to European and the Nordic MedTech and Digital Health market.
For years, Denmark has invested heavily in building a solid infrastructure on all levels to boost the industry. Today, Denmark is reaping the reward and is the ideal location for international companies establishing business activities including Medtronic, GE Healthcare, Siemens Healthineers, Phillips Medisize, Intuitive Surgical, Olympus, Roche Diagnostics, Coloplast, ReSound GN, Invacare, Philips Healthcare, Widex, and Cook Group.

Denmark can offer your business a number of attractive opportunities. Whether you seek research and development collaborations, design and innovation expertise, test and demonstration facilities, public-private partnerships, sites for clinical trials or high-tech production, you will find everything right here.

When you place your medical technology activities in Denmark, your company gets access to:

  • A vibrant start-up-environment with incubators, funding opportunities, R&D-facilities, office spaces and mentor networks. 

  • A collaborative business environment with strong links between industry players, clusters, universities and hospitals.

  • Profound knowledge of the three main building blocks of the medical technology industry: medtech design, engineering and clinical competence.

  • A culture for participatory design and patient-centricity.

  • A highly-skilled talent pool, with healthcare technology graduates from world-class academic institutions.

  • Basic and applied research – and a culture for transferring knowledge and technology to the market.

  • An innovative tech cluster with competencies in computer science, telecommunications and electronics.

  • A strategic location near producers of leading, internationally recognised products.

  • Unique infrastructure and services within running clinical trials, strong CE-knowhow and innovative regulators.

  • Ambitious political strategies, and short distance to authorities.

  • … everything accessible within 350 km.

Denmark has world-class expertise in the following areas:

Medical diagnostics

  • Immediate access to a world-class talent pool and academic institutions of proven excellence.
  • A strong knowledge base with diagnostic equipment knowledge at business and university level.
  • Cutting edge research and development.
  • Broad capabilities within engineering and medical disciplines.
  • Easy access to computer science, telecommunications and electronics resources from Denmark’s innovative tech cluster.

Medical disposables

  • Strategic location close to the industry leaders behind well-known international products, for example Ambu, Coloplast, Dansac, Novo Nordisk and Thermo Fisher Scientific.
  • Access to world-class academic institutions within materials science.
  • Innovative, interdisciplinary approach to new product design and production.
  • A strong focus on technology, design, functionality, high quality and user-friendliness.
  • Proven capabilities within translating end-user needs into state-of-the-art products.

Assistive technologies

  • Internationally recognised products and services.
  • Pioneering reputation within the elderly and disabled sector, based on a socio-political will to ensure equal opportunities for all.
  • Innovative industry players dedicated to designing products and services that meet the needs of disabled people.
  • Development and production strategies based on user input.
  • Design focus on functionality, quality and user-friendliness.

Why Medtronic invests in Denmark Mette-Marie Harild, Vice President

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The Danish medtech industry in numbers

  • Denmark is home to approx. 900 companies that operate in the medtech field. 
  • More than 95 percent of Danish medtech revenue is generated in export markets – making Denmark one of Europe’s largest exporters of medical technology products per capita.
  • The productivity of the medtech industry in Denmark is almost twice as high as the Danish business community in general.
  • Denmark is one of the largest medtech employer in Europe measured per capita, according to Medtech Europe's Facts and Figures 2023.

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Skillful companies, visionary universities and an effective public healthcare sector make Denmark an ideal location for international medtech companies. Download our fact sheet to learn more.

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