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The medtech industry in Denmark sees constant growth

Skillful companies, visionary universities and an effective public healthcare sector make Denmark an ideal location for international medtech companies. Download fact sheet to learn more.

Establishing a company in Denmark within the MedTech area offers a number of attractive business solutions for foreign companies from R&D collaborations with Danish universities, establishing a European headquarter, design centre or entering into a strategic partnership regarding test market and demonstration to the actual production of medical technology devices.

In Denmark MedTech companies have access to:

  • Knowledge of design, engineering and clinical competence – the three main building blocks of the medical technology industry

  • Basic and applied research, a highly skilled talent pool, and a tradition for knowledge and technology transfer to the market

  • An industry in continuous progress and Growth

  • A unique interplay between industry players in a mutual beneficial collaborative business environment

  • An industry based on strong user-producer linkages

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We are ready to assist your company with clarification of business opportunities within the Danish medtech industry. If you want to know more, please reach out to our dedicated advisors:

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