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Free Data Initiative - Companies Can Now Apply AI to Danish Meteorological Data

The Danish Meteorological Institute’s (DMI) comprehensive weather data for Denmark and Greenland will now become public and accessible for everyone, who wishes to use the data.
The initiative called ‘Free Data’ is one of the main initiatives in Denmark’s Digital Growth Strategy and has been launched to strengthen the basis for sustainable growth and development in Denmark and to generate new innovative solutions. The data can e.g. be used to create more accurate weather forecasts or optimize the description of various physical processes using artificial intelligence.
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"We see a great potential in releasing DMI’s comprehensive data and make them freely accessible. The data is digital raw material that holds the potential to lead to green and sustainable solutions and contribute to Denmark’s 70 % reduction in CO2-emissions by 2030."
Dan Jørgensen Minister for Climate-, Energy-, and Utilities
DMI’s data is released in 6 different phases between 2020 and 2023. In the first phase, it is meteorological observation data like temperature, rainfall and wind data from DMI’s network of weather stations in Denmark and Greenland that is made public. Later in 2020, data on water levels and lightning patterns will follow, and from 2021 and onwards processed data in the form of climate data, radar data and forecast data will be released.

The Danish company Septima is specialized in using free data in software applications as a service to public authorities in Denmark as well as Danish companies and start-ups. They see the new data as a golden opportunity to invest and develop new solutions.
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"In Septima, we know that data about the weather holds a great potential. For instance, we meet a significant demand on weather data from commercial ports, where the weather often has a strong impact on planning and loading of ships. We are confident that the ‘Free Data’ initiative will open many new business opportunities in Denmark and we look forward to using the data and seeing the result of it."
Bo Overgaard CEO in Septima


DMI’s Free Data can be accessed via the Danish government’s IT GovCloud solution, which is a safe and reliable distribution platform that can manage various forms of real-time weather data. The data will be updated 24/7 and both public authorities and private companies can use the data directly in their own systems.

DMI’s Free Data is available here.

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