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The Danish Government presents 'Digital Growth Strategy'

The vision is clear: Denmark has to remain a digital frontrunner. To achieve this, the Danish government allocates 134 million EUR to initiatives running until 2025 as a part of a new ‘Digital Growth Strategy’.

In January 2018, the Danish government presented Denmark’s new ‘Digital Growth Strategy’. The strategy contains 38 concrete initiatives, which aim to secure and enhance Denmark’s position as an attractive digital hub by providing a boost to the Danish tech ecosystem and improve conditions for businesses to be able to utilise the full benefits of new technologies.

Among the initiatives are:

  • A digital hub with a matchmaking platform to improve companies’ access to talents and competences within emerging digital technologies.
  • A more agile regulation on companies’ opportunities to test new business models.
  • Introducing computational thinking in elementary school.
  • A digital solution for companies to report cyber security incidents.
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The government wants Denmark as a digital frontrunner, where all Danes get a share of the benefits of digitalisation. The new technologies can make us richer as a nation and has the potential to improve our environment, healthcare, and lives in many ways. We have to utilise that opportunity and bring Denmark into the digital future.

Brian Mikkelsen, Danish Minister of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs Ministry of  Industry, Business and Financial Affairs

A strong foundation for applying emerging technologies

Danish organisations have been at the forefront of the first wave of digitisation. This is one of the reasons why the European Commission continues to acknowledge Denmark as the most digital economy and society in the EU.

In Denmark, many administrative tasks and working procedures have already been digitised. Now, Danish companies are ready to take the next step in order to become even more efficient and competitive in the global market.

The new strategy will stimulate this next step by helping companies to understand the potential in utilising data by applying emerging technologies and work with new digital growth areas such as big data, IoT and artificial intelligence.

Great opportunities for foreign tech companies

The new digital growth strategy will also open doors for foreign companies looking to co-innovate and apply new digital solutions.
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No doubt that there is a great potential for applying emerging technologies in Denmark. As a society, we offer highly digitised industries and hence many attractive application areas for big data analytics, IoT, artificial intelligence and robotics. We see that Danish organisations are eager to test new technologies and to enter innovation processes with foreign companies to co-innovate new digital solutions. This a core reason why international tech players like IBM, Singularity University and SAP all recently have established innovation hubs in Denmark. We expect that Denmark’s new digital growth strategy will further stimulate foreign investments into the Danish tech ecosystem.

Lasse Grøn Christensen, Team Leader – Tech Invest in Denmark
Besides attractive application areas for emerging technologies, the Danish world-class computer science research and the aim of growing Denmark’s software development talent pool, will enhance Denmark’s position as a favourite hotspot for tech companies.

“Denmark holds international strongholds in research within the area of big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning and cryptography, just to mention a few, and offers a world-class software development talent pool. The strong focus of the Danish government to increase the number of graduates with a STEM background and to secure easier access to IT skills will be crucial for Denmark’s digital growth and a decisive factor for companies looking for locations to setup new R&D facilities,” says Lasse Grøn Christensen, Tech Team Leader at Invest in Denmark.          

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Download Denmark's 'Digital Growth Strategy'.

fact Key takeaways from Denmark’s digital growth strategy

The Danish government seeks to exploit the opportunities deriving from the digital transformation to create more prosperity for the Danish people.

The strategy consists of 38 initiatives, which are allocated a total of 134 million EUR from 2018 to 2025 and 10 million EUR onwards per year.

The seven main initiatives includes:

  1. Digital Hub Denmark
  2. SME: Digital
  3. The Technology Pact
  4. Strengthened Computational Thinking in Elementary School
  5. Data as a Driver of Growth
  6. Agile Regulation for New Business Models
  7. Strengthened Cyber Security in Companies

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