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Power-to-X conference in copenhagen

The situation in Ukraine has underlined the importance of the acceleration of the green transition. Not only to counter climate change, but also to increase our energy security and produce an abundance of European cheap and clean energy. Power-to-X is an important piece of that puzzle.

Denmark presents an ideal solution for establishing Power-to-X (PtX) facilities driven by an abundant current supply of green power and a potential availability of up to 40GW offshore wind power in years to come.

When you combine this with competitive energy prices (compared to most countries in Europe) and an enormous demand for green hydrogen in neighbour countries like Germany, the incentives to establish business in Denmark is strengthened. Finally, the multiple possibilities to sell excess heat from PtX to Danish district heating companies creates an attractive environment for your PtX investments.

Om March 3, Invest in Denmark hosted a conference on the latest developments and opportunities within Power-to-X in Denmark. At the conference representatives from Invest in Denmark, Hydrogen Denmark, H2Energy and Ørsted spoke. Find recordings of and download their presentations below.

Director at Invest in Denmark Anne Hougaard

Welcome and an introduction to the Danish Power-to-X opportunities.
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head of technology and Innovation, Offshore & Steel Bridges, MT Højgaard  Stig Skytte Rasmussen

The government's strategy for Power-to-X. 

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CEO, Hydrogen denmark Tejs Lausten Jensen

The Danish Power-to-X potential

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Vice President, H2Energy Clifford zur Nieden

Case example: 1 GW Green Hydrogen-project in Esbjerg, Denmark.
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Partner & Chief Business Officer, Lhyfe Taia Kronborg

Power-to-X Collaboration in Skive, Denmark / Lhyfe and GreenLab
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Head of regulatory affairs, ørsted Ulrik Stridbæk

Partnerships with strong Danish industry players in Power-to-X.

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Special advisor, Cleantech, invest in denmark Kim Schultz

How do we at Invest in Denmark support your Power-to-X project ambitions?
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The conference was concluded with a Q&A session hosted by Nicholas Enersen hos Invest in Denmark. The panel included Taia Kronborg, Tejs Jensen, Ulrik Stridbæk and Kim Schultz. Watch the session here: 

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the Danish Power-to-x scene

In December 2021, the Danish Government launched its strategy on PtX with 14 outlined initiatives on how it will strengthen the framework conditions for the production and utilization of PtX fuels.

The strategy underlines a continued focus on ensuring the most optimal environment for making Denmark a leading nation when it comes to the production and utilization of green hydrogen. It also emphasizes the importance of PtX and green hydrogen in the Danish energy transition and in the global efforts against climate change. Finally, the strategy outlines the potential for the export of PtX based fuels and technology from Denmark to other countries.

Read more on the Danish power-to-x-sector via the link to the right, or contact our power-to-x-team as described below. 

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