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Denmark’s huge Power-to-X potential

As a global leader in wind energy surrounded by ocean, Denmark provides some of the best conditions in Europe for large scale PtX projects
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So far these 10+ MW Power-to-X projects in Denmark have been announced:


  • 12 MW, Reintegrate/Greenlab, Skive – e-Methanol
  • 20 MW, Everfuel/Shell, Fredericia – Hydrogen (300 MW and 1 GW expansion being considered)


  • 1.3 GW, Ørsted and partners, Copenhagen – Hydrogen,  e-fuels for air, land and sea transport
  • 1 GW, Green Hydrogen Hub, Viborg area - Hydrogen (storage) 
  • 10 MW, H. Topsoe/Vestas/Skovgaard, Ramme – Ammonia


  • 1 GW, CIP, Esbjerg – Ammonia
  • 100 MW, Linde Gas,  Aabenraa – Hydrogen
  • 24 MW, Lhyfe, at GreenLab, Skive – e-Methanol
  • 2 x 35 - 50 MW, Eurowind, Mariagerford – Hydrogen
  • 1 GW, H2 Energy, Esbjerg - Hydrogen
The EU Power-to-X ambitions includes the aim of installing at least 6 GW of renewable hydrogen electrolysers in the EU by 2024, and 40 GW by 2030.
This requires availability of a tremendous amount of renewable power supply.

Denmark has focused on green energy supply for more than 40 years. Today, more than 75% of the energy in the Danish electricity grid is from renewable sources – one of the highest levels in the world, and 100% green electricity in the grid is foreseen by 2027.

On top of this Denmark provides huge offshore wind power resources. The Danish sector of the North Sea potentially could provide 40 GW of offshore wind power, which corresponds to three times more than the expected total Danish power consumption by 2040. 
In parallel with the ongoing establishment of additional offshore wind farms, Denmark has planned two “energy islands”, one in the North Sea, which potentially could provide 10 GW of power, and one in the Baltic Sea providing 2 GW of power.

The Danish TSO Energinet’s Power-to-X vision includes GW scale electrolyser facilities at the Danish North Sea coast connected to hydrogen pipelines making it feasible to export green hydrogen to the future huge German market, and making it possible to store huge quantities of green hydrogen in the Danish salt caverns.

Denmark is developing into a leading European power-to-x nation based on these factors:

  • Wind power world leader (48% wind power, 2020)

  • Some of the lowest power prices in Europe (non-household consumers)

  • Leading the way: 70% CO2 emission reduction target by 2030

  • Green power and sites available for large scale Power-to-X projects

  • Salt caverns available for green hydrogen storage

  • Strong players working in Denmark with Power-to-X development and implementation

  • Develop and test in Denmark – implement globally

  • Bordering with the huge German market for green hydrogen

  • Possibility to make use of Power-to-X waste heat for district heating (improved energy efficiency and business case)

The public-private sector’s strong commitment to renewable energy, and Denmark’s extensive wind power industry and the growing Power-to-X industry are the key reasons why international businesses come to Denmark to develop Power-to-X projects and technologies.
They find excellent conditions in Denmark for developing, testing and implementing new Power-to-X technology.

Base your power-to-x activities in Denmark and gain access to:

  • Green power supply

  • Large scale green hydrogen / e-fuel production sites

  • Technology development centres

  • A critical mass of world-leading green energy industry players

  • Danish energy technology research, which is internationally recognised by world-class academic institutions

  • Extensive private-public cooperation

  • Excellent test market for new applications

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