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Microsoft to develop the world’s first quantum computer in Copenhagen

Microsoft is establishing state-of-the-art research and development laboratories at the University of Copenhagen, working closely with the renowned Niels Bohr Institute.
The US tech giant Microsoft once again recognised Denmark as one of the world’s top locations for tech and research activities by signing a long-term, multi-million EUR collaboration agreement with the University of Copenhagen in 2017.

The aim is to develop and build the world's first general-purpose, scalable quantum computer in a partnership that offers tremendous new opportunities for science and technology. This further establishes Copenhagen as a global epicentre for quantum mechanics in alignment with the vision of Copenhagen as a global hub for science and innovation.
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The critical pillars for successful and productive quantum research already exist at the University of Copenhagen – an aligned vision between Microsoft and the university, an exceptional team of top quantum researchers, a broad and deep pool of post doctorate and student talent and a solid baseline of facilities and equipment dedicated to quantum research. We look forward to harnessing this to make impressive advancements in the research and development of a useful, scalable quantum computer capable of transforming the global economy and solving the world’s hardest problems.

David Pritchard, Chief of Staff for the Artificial Intelligence and Research Microsoft


Over a dozen Microsoft employees, ranging from engineers to developers, are now situated at the University of Copenhagen. Over the course of the new long-term agreement, the size of this team will grow, partnering with university personnel in the development of a topological quantum computer.

In addition to significant investments in state-of-the-art facilities and equipment, Microsoft is also committing to significant quantum research funding at the University of Copenhagen.

The collaboration is a landmark example of science and research achievements made possible by joining public and private interests. 

How did Invest in Denmark assist?

Invest in Denmark presented key arguments for making R&D investments in Denmark to Microsoft’s US headquarters, highlighting benefits such as:

  • Access to a talented workforce and industry experts.
  • Tech framework conditions favourable to business development.
  • The importance of having the Niels Bohr Institute as a key partner.
  • Attractive research and development facilities.
Conveying such arguments has been central to sustaining support from the Microsoft Corporation:
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We are very pleased with the cooperation between Invest in Denmark and Copenhagen Capacity, which we believe is a great strength. They have maintained good local and international networks, finding opportunities and providing information, which enabled Microsoft to make decisions.

Charlotte Mark, Managing Director Microsoft Denmark

About Microsoft

The Microsoft Corporation is one of the world's largest IT companies with headquarters located in the US.

Microsoft has been represented in Denmark since 1989, accelerating from two employees in its first office to approximately 850 employees in Microsoft's Danish headquarters in Kongens Lyngby, north of Copenhagen.

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