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Made in Denmark – Sustainably, reliably and responsibly

For centuries, Denmark has treated the world with Danish bacon, butter and beer - and people around the globe recognize that food “Made in Denmark” stands for high quality and safety. Today, Denmark is much more than bacon and butter, and according to the European Innovation Scoreboard, the country is an Innovation leader and home to one of the most innovative food clusters in the world.

Denmark is leading the way for sustainable production of new and innovative food products.

Danish food is globally in high demand and to meet this demand, Danish food manufacturers are extremely efficient – so much that we actually produce three times as much food as we consume in Denmark!


Built on high productivity

Danish food production incorporates innovative technologies in food processing. Digital technologies, automation and robotics are often integrated into processing plants to enhance efficiency, maintain product quality, and meet high production standards. 

On top of this, Denmark is blessed by a highly skilled tech-savvy workforce with a digital mindset 

As a result, manufacturing processes are efficient with low use of resources, and always striving towards minimizing waste and lowering the environmental footprint.

Learn more about the Danish approach to Advanced Sustainable Manufacturing here.

Low environmental impact

Food manufacturing in Denmark is characterized by a strong commitment to environmentally friendly practices, resource efficiency, and social responsibility. Danish food manufacturers strive to balance economic viability with ecological and social considerations.

Food manufacturers in Denmark prioritize energy efficiency in their operations. This includes implementing energy-saving technologies, utilizing renewable energy sources, and minimizing overall energy and water consumption in food processing. 

Denmark places a strong emphasis on a circular economy and minimizing waste. Initiatives addressing food waste streams to be upgraded and non-single use packaging are promoting circular practices that contribute to a more environmentally friendly food production system.

Resilient supply chains

A world’s best – the 2023 FM Global Resilience Index recognizes Denmark as providing the most resilient business environment globally, boasting a manufacturing landscape characterized by minimal risk and a high degree of security and trust. 

Global value- and supply chains can be vulnerable and time consuming. By choosing Denmark you not only get the best conditions for a fast, safe and stable supply chain and logistics setup, you also mitigate risks in your global value- and supply chains.

Easy access to modern production facilities

In Denmark it is still possible to find suitable commercial land in proximity to the agricultural and food manufacturing industries. Retrofitting existing buildings to accommodate for food production is relatively easy, and communication with authorities on compliance is open and frank. 

Compared to other EU countries the permission process (local planning, EIA and building permit) has a relatively short timeline. Municipalities have devolved jurisdiction in most questions, processes and decisions on case handling construction projects. According to Danish Industry, Danish municipalities spend an average of 63 days to process a construction case (DI, 2022). 

Danish regulations even allow for parallel case handling of the processes of local planning, EIA and building permits, thus saving precious time.

On top of logistics

Denmark is a strategic geographic location for a European food production hub with its low proximity to consumers all over Northern Europe. With ten countries bordering the Baltic Sea, you can reach the 100 million consumers within 24 hours. 

According to IMD (2023), Denmark comes first in the world on distribution infrastructure as well as developing a sustainable infrastructure. On top of this, Denmark is specialized in frozen food products transportation, distribution and cold logistics.

Denmark offers supreme logistics services by road, sea and air.  A solid land infrastructure provides food manufacturers with easy and fast access to the rest of Europe by road and train. Copenhagen Airport has repeatedly been ranked the most efficient airport in Europe whereas Billund Airport is specialised in air cargo to the entire world. The superior Danish port infrastructure serves the global markets ports as it offers direct cargo routes to major ports in the Baltics, Middle and Southern Europe, North Asia and North America.

get insights to Advanced Sustainable manufacturing in Denmark

Are you curious to know why Danish food manufacturers are so extremely efficient and how you can obtain a sustainable food production? Download our fact sheet to get the insights on advanced sustainable manufacturing.


  • Denmark consistently tops the ranking on “ease of doing business” and your new company will be set to go within days. Learn more about establishing and running a business in Denmark here

  • The Danish labour market is characterised by flexibility, highly educated talent and high productivity coupled with competitive salary levels in a European context. Learn more about the flexible Danish labour market here

  • In Denmark, companies have very easy access to the authorities that work closely with companies to ensure that establishment and operation run as smoothly as possible.

Treat yourself a taste of Denmark as a food nation here

The Danish food cluster has made Denmark frontrunners in the EU in various studies on sustainable production.

  1. Denmark is a frontier in the EU to lower ammonia emissions from the agricultural sector 
  2. Danish milk, meat and egg producers have a higher resource efficiency compared to other EU countries
  3. Danish retail market has the largest number of organic products on the shelves in the world.

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