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“Made in Denmark” represents quality, reliability, flexibility and sustainability

Choose Denmark for your next manufacturing hub and tap into an industry cluster with cross-company and cross-sector collaboration on optimizing production with advanced technologies, lean & modular automation, and agile production processes.

A resilient production environment

Not only is Denmark home to world-class advanced and sustainable manufacturing plants, Denmark is also a safe haven with a low risk production environment. This is supported by the FM Global Resilience Index 2020, who ranked Denmark on a 3rd place.
In regards to resilience, Denmark outperforms on a broad scale. Few external risks exist in terms of threats such as pandemics, climate change, natural disasters and cyber-attacks. Furthermore, there is a high level of trust as well as high socio-economic, political and geopolitical stability, which according to Transparency International, makes Denmark the world’s most transparent country.
In Denmark, investments are secured for the long-term future and reliability of manufacturing hubs as well as risk mitigation constitute this basis.
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“In Denmark, you get a chance to lower your production footprint and brand your company as a global sustainable business leader. This is made possible due to the Danish industry and the state of Denmark have a common goal to become the most sustainable country in the world, offering companies a climate-neutral business environment.”
Maria Tarp Director, Invest in Denmark, Ministry of Foregn Affairs

Why Denmark succeeds in Automatic Sustainable Manufacturing

Denmark pushes for circular business models and sustainable manufacturing

In Denmark, we listen to the consumers of tomorrow - we act! With three Danish manufacturers – Örsted, Chr. Hansen and Novozymes – in the top six on Corporate Knights’ global top 100 most sustainable companies, Denmark proves to be a leading country on circular and sustainable manufacturing. And more importantly, we have the necessary sustainable infrastructure, the right sustainable innovation hubs and regulatory conditions to promote your circular business model and to lower your sustainable manufacturing footprint.
It is commonly known that in Denmark access can be gained to large amounts of price-competitive green energy. However, a green transition of a manufacturing plant is much more than a green energy supply. Sustainable interventions such as circular business models, sustainable & digital value chains, waste management, water treatment plants, as well as sustainable products, materials and packaging are widely promoted in Denmark.
The Environmental Performance Index recently announced Denmark to lead the climate change action. As the “State of Green”, Denmark is your opportunity to be part of a pioneer movement that will place your company on the map as one of the world’s most sustainable companies.
To sum it all up, Denmark is ready to lower your manufacturing and CO2 footprint and increase your sustainable brand value.

Flexible and agile manufacturing

These days, the Danish manufacturing industry is rapidly adopting the latest digitised, highly automated production technologies. A proactive approach to advanced automation manufacturing places Denmark at the forefront of Industry 4.0.

The Danish robotics and automation industry cluster, for example, is one of the leading clusters of its kind in the world. Due to a strong collaboration with the manufacturing industry, the usage of new modular robots, such as inexpensive, collaborative and mobile robots, is ensured.

A society built on trust produces a highly skilled and flexible workforce

Danish workers across educational levels are known to be responsible, efficient, talented and motivated. Workers possess a future-oriented mindset and according to the European Commission, Denmark is the most digitised economy and society in the EU, which results in a positive attitude towards automation in production.
Self- managing teams are common in Danish production environments, as the Danish management style allows teams to come up with their own plan for achieving production targets with minimal managerial intervention. This trust creates highly adaptable production lines that ensure on-time product delivery.
Moreover, worker conflicts that potentially could interrupt your production, are very uncommon and Denmark offers some of the world’s most flexible hiring & firing rules that allow businesses to adjust to market demands rapidly at a very low cost.
Altogether, inexpensive and flexible labour market regulations combined with a talented Danish workforce, as documented by the IMD World Talent Report 2019, Denmark offers a highly productive and cost efficient production environment ideal for scaling your production up or down with minimal costs.

Explore your innovative manufacturing and material options with MADE Denmark

MADE – Manufacturing Academy of Denmark is cluster for Advanced Manufacturing. MADE is a national initiative for collaboration, innovation and research in advanced manufacturing with a overall aim to strengthen the Danish Manufacturing ecosystem through innovative collaboration between companies, universities and RTOs. The vision is to make Denmark the world's leading manufacturing nation. 
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The latest applied research programme, where Danish manufacturers can engage in tailored applied research projects, is called MADE FAST. It stands for Flexible, Agile, and Sustainable production enabled by Talented employees is applied research, innovation and education partnership to develop the next generation of Daish advanced manufacturing capabilities.

Besides the MADE FAST applied research project, MADE has since 2014 launched MADE SPIR, MADE DIGITAL and MADE Material Network. The overall goal with the applied research projects is:

  1. The ability to quickly introduce new products and production equipment.
  2. The ability to optimize and model production processes and value chains.
  3. The ability to control and organize the complex, modern manufacturing company.

Reasons to place your advanced sustainable manufacturing in Denmark

  • Flexible, modular and agile manufacturing

  • A resilient and low-risk production environment

  • A leading country on circular and sustainable manufacturing

  • Stable green energy supply

  • Highly skilled and flexible workforce

  • Cost-competitive energy prices

  • High level of quality and productivity

  • World-class digital infrastructure and security

  • Resilient, efficient and well-developed infrastructure with fast and agile supply chains

  • Strategic geographic location for a Northern European production hub

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