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Denmark sets the agenda for digital healthcare 

Choose Denmark as a centre for developing innovative products, running clinical trials and testing new technology. For 20 years, Denmark has been in the forefront of the integration of digital healthcare. 

A strong digital infrastucture and high digital litteracy

Denmark is one of the most digitalised economies and societies in EU according to the Digital Economy and Society Index (2020) by the European Commission and number one European country when it comes to digital competitiveness according to the IMD World Digital Competitiveness Ranking (2020).

Locate your business in Denmark and you will benefit from: 

  • The outstanding IT infrastructure and tech-savvy population in general, which is crucial when testing new solutions e.g. in the patient’s home. 
  • A solid digital infrastructure within the healthcare system and high digital literacy among the healthcare providers, ready to push the boundaries of your future products.
  • A present 5.8 billion euro investments in new hospital construction and health IT, medtech devices and apparatus, Denmark will only become even more relevant to international digital health players. 
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Denmark’s health system is one of the most advanced and technologically forward-thinking in the world. The culture and infrastructure for healthcare analytics that others are attempting to implement today have been the standard practice in Denmark for nearly 20 years. We are excited for the opportunity to work with Danish hospitals and radiologists to help inform the impact AI will bring to Denmark, the Nordic region, and Europe as a whole.
Kevin Lyman CEO of Enlitic 

A successful Danish digitalization of healthcare

More than 50 years ago, some of the fundamentals for the successful digitalization of healthcare and standardization in Denmark were created with the integration of a unique person ID, issued at birth to all Danes (since 1968). Later on the national security services, national health insurance, national it-strategies, national classifications and terminology followed, among other initiatives. 

Nevertheless, the transformation continues not at least due to ambitious digitalization strategies and a citizen-centred approach towards development and implementation within the healthcare sector. This is also one of the central reasons why Denmark is world champion in digitalization (out of 193 states), according to the 2020 United Nations E-Government Survey. 

Benefit from a strong cooperative culture

Denmark is the ideal sandbox for testing new technology and business models to the healthcare sector and later on scaling them globally. Your company gets access to excellent research and clinics that are outstanding in implementing new technology in high volume departments.

Furthermore, Denmark has a long tradition for interdisciplinary, cross-sector collaboration and systematic private public innovation e.g. when running clinical trials or testing new value-based healthcare models. 

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A strong networking and cooperation culture, supported by efficient cluster organizations for digital health e.g. HealthTech Hub CPH, Danish Life Science Cluster and RoboCluster characterize Denmark.

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For years, Denmark has been a European frontrunner in pilot testing telehealth and some solutions are even integrated on a national scale. Via the Danish e-Health Portal ( Danes individually get access to online video consultation with psychologists, physiotherapists, chiropractors, podiatrists and dental therapy. The Danish e-Health Portal ( is a unique national healthcare platform since 2003, containing personal and general healthcare data on all Danes. 24/7 Danes get online access to e.g. his or her medical health record, prescription renewal, laboratory results and organ donor registration. The Danish, public healthcare system (5 regions and 98 municipalities and GPs) has built a national infrastructure for telehealth solutions. Patient data will be shared on, and later on, telehealth solutions within chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), heart failure, wounds will be included.

Unique health data and biobanks

The Danish public health service system has numerous high-quality comprehensive administrative and medical registries and databases, which have been collected for over half a century. Additionally, Denmark has a long tradition of saving tissue samples in pathological departments.  
Linkable data from world-class, centralized health databases and registers from the entire Danish population and biobanks - together with an advanced data infrastructure - create unique opportunities within early stage development and clinical validation of technology.

Talent within Life Sciences and Tech

Find the right employees within digital health for your product development. Denmark offers a strong life science and tech sector with an attractive talent pool within pharma, Biotech, Medtech and Tech. E.g. Denmark is the third largest medtech employer in Europe measured per capita, according to Medtech Europe's Facts and Figures 2020.

Additionally, international tech companies recognize Denmark as an AI hotspot – the go-to place for leading research, talent and innovation along with good business ethics and trust. Denmark excels in software development, robotics, sound technology and mobile technology. 


  • World-class digital infrastructure and security

  • High digital literacy and acceptance of digital health within the group of healthcare providers and patients 

  • A strong tradition for public-private partnerships

  • World-class research 

  • High volume departments with clinics excellent in implementing new technology  

  • Linkable nationwide health data and biobanks 

  • 5.8 billion euro investments in new hospital construction and health IT, medtech devices and apparatus over the next few years

  • Highly skilled and flexible workforce

  • A culture for user-driven innovation. The Danish healthcare system provides great opportunities for involving patients and staff in new product development

  • Easy access to real-life product testing with excellent framework conditions and openness towards pilot projects

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