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Find assistance for establishing your business in Denmark

Our Service Provider Catalogue connects you with a network of contacts to assist you in establishing your company in Denmark: from legal counseling and banking services to relocation agents and recruitment assistance.

When establishing a company, professional advice and support is important to ensure the best possible solution for your business. Therefore, Invest in Denmark offers a Service Provider Catalogue, which is an overview of local service providers who can assist you in the process of setting up your business in Denmark. The non-exhaustive list covers all areas critical to getting your business off to a good start. 

As a starting point, you may be considering some structural and operational needs when establishing your business:

  • Are you considering the various types of company configurations and which might suit your needs best?
  • Are you looking to hire temporary or permanent staff within a specific profession?
  • Are you interested in getting an insight into the available options for your accounting needs?

Regardless of your specific need, our Service Provider Catalogue can guide you to relevant experts.

The Service Provider Catalogue provides: 

  • Contact information for relevant service providers that are ready to support you when establishing a business in Denmark.
  • A broad selection of providers covering various needs in terms of field and scale.

Download Service Provider Catalogue

Download our Service Provider Catalogue to kick start your business adventure in Denmark.

The Service Provider Catalogue is frequently updated and all providers are screened and approved by Invest in Denmark before inclusion in the catalogue. The catalogue includes a basic description of each service provider and the consulting services they provide.

Invest in Denmark works with service providers in Denmark as part of the daily dialogue with investors.

Are you a service provider?

If you are interested in signing up to be a part of our network of service providers, please contact our Network Coordinator Marie Hvilsted-Olsen via e-mail [email protected]

Contact How can we help you?

For more information about our Service Provider Catalogue, please do not hesitate to reach out to our network coordinators: