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Denmark decides on ethical principles for businesses working with AI

As part of Denmark’s National Strategy for AI, the Danish government has prepared six ethical principles to set a common framework for the development and use of AI. This will enhance Denmark’s position as the preferred location for working with ethical and responsible AI.

A common ethical framework is a precondition for maintaining the high level of confidence and trust in Denmark. A necessity for how life, society and business work in Denmark and the essence of the globally acknowledge quality label ‘Made in Denmark’.

The principles in the framework reflect Danish values and they are based on recommendations from an official Danish expert group on data ethics and the draft EU ethical principles and guidelines for AI.

Both public authorities, businesses, research institutions and others working with AI will come to benefit from the principles, which the Danish government will follow up on regularly. The follow-up will take into account the differences between public and private sectors in order to acknowledge that for example the private sector  may need to protect trade secrets.

Danish imprint on standards for AI

Denmark is also a key player in the international race to influence the development of new standards within the field of AI. The Danish government has successfully acquired responsibility for the secretariat of the upcoming European focus group that is to identify the needs for standardisation within the field of AI. With the secretariat being located in Denmark, the Danish business environment will be able to make a strong imprint on the work going forward.

As far as possible, the Danish government aims to have the forthcoming international standards prepared based on the needs of businesses located in Denmark, since the standards will form the basis for future regulation of AI at European and international levels.

In parallel, the government will initiate work to develop national technical specifications based on the specific needs of Danish businesses. This work will take its outset in the six ethical principles for AI and hereby help enhance the Danish business environment focusing on a responsible and ethical approach to the use of AI.

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Christiane Vejlø Chairman of the Danish Expert Group on Data Ethics

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This is a wonderful place to be inspired but it is also a testbed. It is a place where you can bring your products and new business models and test it out in this environment in Denmark.

Christiane Vejlø, Chairman Danish Expert Group on Data Ethics

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