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HydrogenPro acquires Advanced Surface Plating ApS and sets up manufacturing plant in Aarhus

Green hydrogen plays an important role in the sustainable transition, especially within the industry and the transportation sector. With the new investment, HydrogenPro aims to contribute to a more efficient hydrogen production, thereby lowering costs and making the case for green hydrogen even stronger.
Advanced Surface Plating ApS has developed an advanced electrode technology, which can optimise the efficiency of alkaline electrolysis plants with up to 14%. The manufacturing plant in Aarhus will offer an opportunity to apply the technology developed by Advanced Surface Plating ApS’s in large scale. The technology is expected to reduce electricity needs, while increasing efficiency in production. As a result, it can contribute to lowering costs in hydrogen production.

Hydrogen’s part in a greener tomorrow 

Green hydrogen function as a green alternative in industries, where electricity cannot perform as needed. In the transportation sector, as an example, long-distance trucks, flights and many ships can benefit from green hydrogen. Green hydrogen is also relevant for industrial usage, for instance in the steel and cement production, where electricity is unable to reach the temperatures needed in production. Moreover, green hydrogen is relevant in industries such as the chemical industry, which uses traditional hydrogen in production. 

As it is possible to store large volumes of green hydrogen in salt caverns, green hydrogen can also provide reliable green energy supply on days with no wind or sunshine.

Denmark’s growing Power-to-X industry is attracting new investments

The emerging Power-to-X technology utilises renewable energy sources to create green hydrogen. Invest in Denmark is currently involved in multiple investment projects within the growing Danish Power-to-X industry. As Power-to-X investments are usually dependent on the right partnerships across the value chain, investments from suppliers such as HydrogenPro are key in order to develop the industry further and ensure that Denmark maintains its ability to attract some of the most substantial Power-to-X investments in Europe.

For more information on why Denmark is becoming a preferred destination for    Power-to-X investments, please see our fact page on Power-to-X in Denmark.



Invest in Denmark has advised HydrogenPro and Advanced Surface Plating with the set-up in Denmark and the establishment of a manufacturing plant in Aarhus. The services included facilitation of contacts to accountants, municipalities and search for manufacturing facilities. Invest in Denmark will continue to offer help to the company with practical assistance, expansion support and further new business opportunities.

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