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Ceptur expands R&D operations in Copenhagen

In March 2022, Ceptur Therapeutics Inc. announced its opening of a new site in Copenhagen. The site aims at bolstering Ceptur’s research & development activities to develop genetic medicines for patients with unaddressed diseases.

The New Jersey-headquartered biotech company has had a thriving year, both in opening a new research facility in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and announcing a $75M Series-A financing round to support its mission to promote genetic medicines based U1 Adaptors. 

Now, Ceptur has officially disclosed its expansion to Denmark, where the new research center Ceptur Therapeutics ApS in Copenhagen will further bolster activities related to the oligonucleotide chemistry. 

"We are excited to welcome Ceptur Therapeutics to Denmark. Their decision to invest in Copenhagen is a true testament to Denmark being an attractive location for leading international biotech companies. These companies contribute to making Denmark one of the world’s strongest life science cluster. With its new research center, Ceptur Therapeutics will gain direct access to talent and know-how, helping the company to continuously develop unique and exclusive medicines".
Anne Hougaard Jensen Director at Invest in Denmark, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark.

Excellent framework conditions to set up in Denmark

According to CFO of Ceptur Keith Dewedoff, choosing Copenhagen for its setup was a straightforward choice, as Copenhagen in recent years “has become the epicenter for innovation and technology advancement in the healthcare sector”. 

Denmark has excellent competences within biotechnology development and is a respected international health laboratory as the Danish biotech and pharma cluster has a global reputation for cutting-edge research. Another decisive factor for setting up in Denmark was, according to Dewedoff, the big talent pool and easy access to collaboration partners. 

Access to the Danish talent pool and collaboration partners were realised through Ceptur’s setup at Danish Technical University (DTU), ranked as one of the world’s best universities when it comes to applied research. Through a research collaboration, Ceptur has already hired its first researchers and is excited to welcome young locals and international talent to further Ceptur’s success and expansion in Denmark. 


Support from invest in Denmark

Since the dialogue between Ceptur and Invest in Denmark started in 2021, Ceptur has established a research center with six researchers. Throughout the process, Invest in Denmark has supported Ceptur with services including information about the labor market, talent attraction, and overall framework conditions for doing business in Denmark etc. 

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