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Exclusive Roundtable Discussion Private-Public innovation Partnerships in Denmark

Tune in to an exclusive roundtable discussion on public-private innovation partnership within life science.
Where do you go to test new technology and business models? For companies such as Medtronic, Varian, Roche and GE Healthcare, the answer is Denmark. Let us provide you with a virtual introduction to the reasons why Denmark is such a great location for private-public innovation partnerships in this exclusive webinar.

Denmark is the ideal sandbox for testing new technology and business models to the healthcare sector and later scaling them globally. Your company gets access to excellent research and clinics that are outstanding in implementing new technology in high volume departments.

Furthermore, Denmark has a long tradition for interdisciplinary, cross-sector collaboration and systematic public-private innovation e.g. when running clinical trials, developing and validating new data driven technologies or testing new value-based healthcare models. Denmark’s university hospitals are frontrunners when it comes to public-private innovation partnerships.

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