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Innovate with confidence using Danish design

Danish design is known all over the world. When companies incorporate good design into their innovations, their earnings, exports and competitive ability are bound to grow.

Your benefits within the Danish design ecosystem:

  • End-user driven design innovation.

  • A comprehensive network of competencies at all levels of design.

  • Access to a cluster of cutting-edge designers, companies and creative capital.

  • Danish design thinking – simple and natural solutions beyond mere aesthetics.

  • Idea generation within a culture for non-hierarchical business structures and co-creation.

  • Close proximity to two world-class design schools.

Companies that incorporate a good design into their product or service development process are proven to do better than those that do not. In Denmark, design is part of our DNA. We offer a world-class design eco-system, with competencies that span business, academia and public/private partnerships.

Microsoft, Broadcom and Cisco are among the international businesses that have already established design centres in Denmark. The reasons are many:

  • Design integration in new product or service development boosts profits and creates value for people.
  • A holistic approach makes the design process an innovative power in itself.
  • A focused design process reveals new business opportunities, alternative products and services.

Danish design – taking you beyond aesthetics

Whether you count on user interface (UI), user experience (UX), digital, product or service design, Denmark has a lot to offer private businesses, the public sector and science and research institutes.

We’re home to two world-class design schools, more than 5,000 registered design companies, public-driven support networks, and universities and colleges with design competencies in, for example, management, graphic design, animation, and information and communications technology.

Design penetrates most spheres of Danish life, from world-class products, services and buildings over sustainable city planning to innovative integrated clusters. This makes Denmark the perfect centre for adding value to your products or services and growing your business.

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