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Tech opportunities in Maritime

Denmark has a stable, open environment for investments and for testing new technology, which provides fertile grounds for start-ups and tech hubs to innovate the future of shipping. Download our fact sheet to get valuable insights to tech opportunities in Maritime.

Digitalization is the future of shipping 

Companies need to employ a highly educated workforce capable of applying the newest technology. Denmark is therefore the perfect place to be for testing new maritime tech, digital systems and innovative ways of producing equipment and operating ships.

Why Denmark?

  • One of the most digital economies and societies in Europe, Denmark provides excellent opportunities for testing and applying new technologies in maritime e.g. robotics, AI and Blockchain.

  • With the Blue Growth Strategy 2018-2025, Denmark is becoming a powerhouse for digitalization with increased focus on cybersecurity and maritime start-ups. Foreign companies have the opportunity to apply for funds from the Innovation Fund, particularly aimed at new green technology within the maritime industry, if they establish themselves in Denmark or make a strategic alliance with Danish companies and researchers.

  • The Growth Strategy for Denmark’s digital growth dedicates funding and focus to ensuring continued development in relation to scaling of talent, start-ups and innovation.

  • Access to world-class digital infrastructure, an attractive talent pool with tech competencies and a long-standing tradition for solutions with an application focus.

  • A growing start-up ecosystem looking for partners to co-develop solutions and apply digital solutions in collaboration with established maritime stakeholders.

  • Unique partnering opportunities with leading Danish knowledge and research institutions in the development and deployment of new technologies and digital solutions.

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