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Fact Sheet

Quantum Technology opportunities in Denmark

As one of the world’s strongest hubs for quantum technology and the most innovation-friendly country in Europe, Denmarkis an attractive location for entering the second quantum era. Download our fact sheet to get valuable insights on Quantum technology opportunities in Denmark.

For more than 100 years, Denmark has been at the forefront of ground-breaking discoveries within quantum physics starting with Nobel Prize winner and professor, Niels Bohr, in 1913 when he formulated his theory about the hydrogen atom. Today, Denmark is still recognized as a leading European hub for quantum technology. 
Denmark offers an attractive and collaborative quantum ecosystem with world-class research institutions state-of-art design, testing and manufacturing competences and facilities.


  • Quantum Communication and Cryptography (QKD/PQC) 

  • Quantum Computing, Simulations 

  • Quantum Software and Algorithms

  • Quantum Materials and Components

  • Quantum Sensing and Metrology

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