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Fact Sheet

Quantum Technology opportunities in Denmark

Denmark is one of the strongest hubs for quantum technology in the world and the most innovation-friendly country in Europe. That makes us an attractive location for entering the second quantum era. Download our fact sheet to get valuable insights on Quantum technology opportunities in Denmark.

For over 100 years, Denmark has been at the forefront of ground-breaking discoveries within quantum physics starting with Niels Bohr in 1913 when he formulated his theory about the hydrogen atom. Today, Denmark is still recognized as one of the main hubs in Europe for quantum technology. 

Denmark can not only offer companies an attractive environment to work collaboratively with world-class research institutions to strengthen R&D, commercialization and product pipeline but also state-of-art design, testing and manufacturing competences and facilities relevant to quantum technology development.


  • Quantum Sensing
    New approaches to sensing in proof-of-principle demonstrations of magnetic-field detection beyond quantum limits (ultra-precise measurement).

  • Quantum Electronic Computing
    New kind of information processing, in which quantum parallelism is used as a resource to greatly accelerate computational speed.

  • Photonic Quantum technology
    Novel devices based on photons and hardware development for photonic quantum simulators, quantum networks, quantum cryptography, and novel light sources.

  • Quantum Communication
    Development of completely new systems for high-rate quantum key distribution (QKD) that efficiently solves all the challenges in a single system for the first time.

  • Quantum Electronic Materials
    Synthesis and characterization of the essential material platforms.

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