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How to establish a business in Denmark

Denmark offers foreign investors a wide range of opportunities for establishing a business. Let us guide you to through the easy plug'n'play registration when setting up a business in Denmark.  Get started here.

Foreign investors have many possibilities to start a business in Denmark. Establishment procedures are fast, informal and cost-efficient – one of the reasons why Denmark tops the World Bank’s ‘Ease of doing business’ ranking.

New companies can be ready to do business within hours of online registration, and it takes just a few weeks for residence and work permits to be issued. This fact sheet is a guide to the legal entities relevant to foreign investors and how to choose between them.

Why Denmark?


  • Easy plug’n’play registration of new Companies

  • No resident requirements for founders, management or board members

  • Shareholder and board meetings can be conducted online

  • Tax-efficient location compared to other Nordic countries

  • Flexible language requirements when registering the corporate documents of limited liability Companies

  • Dividends may be distributed on an interim basis after the first financial year

  • No notarial deeds

Contact How can we help you?

If you would like to learn more about doing business in Denmark or Danish core industry competencies, please contact one of our experts. We have specialised staff across the globe with industry insights and well-connected networks, ready to advise you on every aspect of investing in Denmark.

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