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Data centre opportunities in the Nordics

A report commissioned by the Nordic Council of Ministers projects sharp growth for the Nordic data centre market until 2025 – with expected annual construction investments in the order of EUR 2-4.3 billion.

The report compares the attractiveness of the Nordic region to the so-called FLAP-D region (Frankfurt, London, Amsterdam, Paris and Dublin), against the background of accelerating data volumes worldwide and the challenge of tackling sustainable growth of cloud, streaming and computing services.

Download the report to discover why the Nordics have the potential to evolve as a truly global data hub and what business opportunities this presents.

Why choose the nordics?

  • Reliable power supply     

    as the Nordic power grid is extremely reliable without power outages, which lowers the risk of interruption of the ICT services that data centres deliver

  • Low energy prices     

    supported by a well-functioning and competitive electricity market, which lowers significantly the operational costs

  • Political stability     

    characterized with high transparency, predictability and consensus in decision making, which reduces the risks of long term investments

  • Faster time-to-market     

    supported by an easy-to-do business environment with less procedures and quick approvals in the planning process, which saves time and costs

  • Abundance of energy and other resources     

    such as renewable energy sources e.g. hydropower, geothermal power, biomass and wind

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