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Why Denmark is a top location for tech activities

Excellent IT infrastructure, world-class research, a highly skilled talent pool and one of the easiest places in the world to setup business, makes Denmark one of the top locations in the world for ICT activities and investments.

According to the European Commission’s annual ranking, Denmark is one of the most digitised economies and societies among the 28 EU member states (2020). This is a testament to Denmark’s outstanding IT infrastructure and tech-savy population.

85% of Danish citizens are online and actively engaged in the use of a variety of online services, making their digital skills highly advanced. In fact, all communications between citizens and public authorities takes place digitally.

It is fair to say that Denmark has set some heavy footprints in the global software development arena. A number of the most used programming languages have been developed by Danish researchers, including C++, TurboPascal and Visual Prolog. Denmark is also home to world-class software development talent - especially within the fields of security and cryptography, algorithms, AI/ML, wireless network solutions, eGovernment solutions, acoustics software and robotics. 

Since Denmark is a small, highly integrated and homogenous society, consumers often play an active role in developing new technology and are quick at adapting new technologies. Using Denmark as a test market gives international corporations the advantage of being able to quickly adjust and improve a product at low costs before releasing it on the world market.

Why locate your ICT activities in Denmark?

  • A world-class IT infrastructure with some of the world’s highest ICT penetration rates for mobiles, broadband and PCs

  • Access to one of the world’s best and most innovative talent pools

  • Government dedication for Denmark to be among the world’s leading ICT nations

  • World-class research & development facilities. Global companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and SAP all confirm this with recently established innovation and development centres/hubs in Denmark

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