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Fact sheet

Denmark has the greatest pharma & biotech cluster in Europe

Denmark offers attractive business solutions for foreign pharme and biotech companies including R&D collaborations. Download fact sheet to get an overview of the Danish pharma & biotech cluster.


The Danish pharma and biotech industry is among the best and most innovative in the world. As the European leader in drug development, Denmark offers attractive business solutions for foreign biotech companies. The Danish biotechnology cluster is a major world player, especially in areas such as enzymes, CNS research, diabetes care and cancer research.

A number of favourable framework conditions means that a fast, safe and cost-effective drug discovery and drug development is a reality in Denmark, which also is one of the fastest countries to approve clinical trials. In short, Denmark is the place to perform drug discovery and Development.

Overview Reasons for placing biotech business activities in Denmark:

  • The world’s greatest percentage of patents in biotechnology

  • The largest commercial drug development pipeline in Europe – measured by drug per inhabitant

  • Ranked the Best Country in Europe for development of biotechnology

  • One of the most R&D-intensive countries in the world, and the best in Europe regarding researcher concentration

…the strong competencies and the high quality of clinical trials, tests and research in general in Denmark are the reason why Medtronic has established very strong relationships with the highly skilled Danish doctors and scientists.

Mette-Marie Harild, VP of Nordic and Baltic countries and Poland  Medtronic

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