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Fact Sheet

Introduction to the Danish labour market and workforce

Denmark offers excellent business conditions with a flexible labour market, a highly educated workforce and competitive salary levels. Get an overview here.

The Danish labour market is both flexible, competitive and highly productive.

Denmark is a European leader for its productive workforce and competitive salary levels for professionals and top managers. The excellent reputation of the Danish workforce comes from a highly motivated and productive workforce who has a low strike frequency because the Danish labour market is built on collective agreements between the representative organisations of employers and employees.

Foreign companies who establishes a business in Denmark will find a recruitment pool that is highly motivated to produce results. Danish employees share a strong sense of responsibility and are known to be willing to learn and committed to improvement.

Overview why Denmark?

  • Approximately 80% of the population have completed at least upper secondary education, while 38% have attained a tertiary-level certificate. This is among the highest in the European Union.

  • Employers who are new to Denmark will find that overall labour costs are very competitive.

  • Unlike many other countries, in Denmark pay and working conditions are typically not regulated by law.

  • The Danish rules for termination of contracts are among the most liberal in Europe, ensuring the high flexibility of Denmark’s labour market. 

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