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Denmark: the right place in Europe for clinical trials

Where do you go to conduct the clinical trials that your business depends on? For a growing number of the world’s major life science companies, the answer is Denmark. Let us provide you with a short introduction to the reasons why Denmark is such a great location in this fact sheet.


Access to unique health data, excellent researchers and much more, makes Denmark a very attractive place for international pharmaceutical companies wanting to conduct clinical research and trials.

Denmark is an increasingly attractive location for businesses that depend on clinical trials. In recent years, the various Danish governments have taken active steps to boost the life sciences industry by building further on the strong national healthcare system and world-class environment for business and science. This also includes a keen political focus on improving the framework conditions for conducting clinical trials in Denmark. 

To make it easier and more attractive for global companies to conduct clinical trials in Denmark, a single entry point named Trail Nation has been established. The services of Trial Nation includes: Investigator identification, a coordinated feasibility process with a national response from hospital sites within a few days, estimation of patient numbers eligible for a specific trial and access to established partnerships with hospitals, scientists and patient networks – all free of charge.

Learn about more reasons why Denmark is a great location for your clinical trials in this fact sheet.


Why conduct clinical trials and research in Denmark?

  • A keen political commitment to the life sciences industry

  • One of the strongest economies in Europe, ranked no. 1 for ease of doing business

  • Continuous optimisation of clinical trial processes and procedures

  • Highly qualified and motivated workforce with many Master’s degrees and PhD graduates

  • Access to biobanks and registries of patient data

  • High willingness in the population to participate

quote ikon
"The innovative and government supported Trial Nation network provides good access to high quality professionals conducting early phase clinical trials. Possibility for national recruitment, good data quality, fast start up times and reliable approval processes creates a very attractive environment for clinical trials which have supported our clinical trial operations strategy significantly."
Lise Warming, Country Medical Head Denmark Novartis

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