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Assisting your business growth in Denmark

Invest in Denmark helps foreign investors strengthen their business opportunities in Denmark and actively supports and assists foreign companies already present.

The global pressure to constantly adapt to competition and market changes requires wise and timely investment decisions.

In this regard, Invest in Denmark can help you assess a particular challenge, analysing the situation in a Danish context, e.g. by providing the right business case to maintain your current activity level or further growth. Other services among other include benchmark analyses on cost quality, salary benchmarks, framework conditions and labour market conditions compared to other countries in question etc.

We can assist your business in situations such as these:

  • You have to justify your company’s location and cost base in Denmark to your international headquarters. This might include questions regarding your Danish subsidiary and organisational matters, e.g. facing pressure to scale down, resize or execute cost cuts.

  • You are looking for the optimal location for your Nordic headquarter to best penetrate the market and build your business in the Nordic region.

  • You are considering expanding or consolidating your Danish operations, e.g. by adding one or more business units, e.g. R&D, finance, logistics or shared services.

Growth through knowledge and network

At Invest in Denmark, we assist your business through in-depth analyses, benchmarks and reports on organisational scenarios and critical access to commercial and political stakeholders.

You will benefit from our strong network and access to relevant authorities and insight into core framework conditions. This could prove an important advantage in negotiations regarding the right location and scale of activities, as the below examples illustrate.

Contact How can we help your company?

Please do not hesitate to contact us, if you would like to inquire about our service and how we may assist you. All our services are free of charge and in full confidentiality.