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The Danish regions have established a national Danish Covid-19 Biobank in hope of improved treatment

The aim with the new COVID-19 Biobank is to support development of new treatments and prediction of patient courses by collection of data from Corona-infected individuals.

Blood and throat swab specimens are handled and stored at the hospitals and data is registered in the Bio- and Genome Bank, Denmark (RBGB) in the new national Danish COVID-19 Biobank.

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We make the samples available to clinicians and researchers across the country who can apply for access to the data and samples. With increased knowledge, we strengthen the possibility for improved treatment for patients.
Ulla Astman Vice President of Danish Regions
The new biobank, Danish COVID-19 Biobank, has been established within a week and the first samples have already been handled and stored in freezers. In addition, the data and samples in the biobank may contribute to improved courses of treatment.

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At best, all the data will generate knowledge about how the disease develops and through research contribute to a vaccine against Corona infection. Maybe we will gain knowledge about how e.g. medication for the chronically ill patients affects the treatment course of COVID-19
Estrid Høgdall Professor at the Bio- and Genome Bank, Denmark (RBGB)
Additionally she mentions, that it will be interesting to see whether the data will contribute to knowledge about why some patients get seriously ill by the virus while others just get mild symptoms.
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Unfortunately, we know too little about why some, who are otherwise healthy, get more seriously ill from COVID-19 than others. For instance, we still don’t know whether the ones who get more seriously affected by the virus have specific genetics that are significant. This knowledge may have tremendous impact on the primary triage and prevention of infection by isolation of high-risk individuals.
Estrid Høgdall continues
The samples are collected and stored in accordance with the existing principles and guidelines of Bio- and Genome Bank, Denmark and in collaboration with the National Biobank at Statens Serum Institut to ensure as many samples as possible.

The work is urgent, which is why Vice President of Danish Regions, Ulla Astman, is pleased that the Danish COVID-19 Biobank has been established so quickly.
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Many samples can be collected in an organized manner. More people will be tested in the coming days and I am sure that many patients are glad to contribute to this initiative. We all want to ease the effects of this pandemic that currently challenges our population as well as our health service
Ulla Astman Vice President of Danish Region
CGI provides several healthcare solutions to the five Danish regions, including CGI’s Biobank solution to the national Bio- and Genome Bank, Denmark (RBGB). For the new Danish COVID-19 Biobank, CGI has provided intellectual property and competences at no cost, supporting the joint effort in mapping COVID-19 and contributing to improved treatment.

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