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Solar power to cover 8% of electricity consumption by 2025

Solar technology has started to play a significant role in the projections for the future Danish energy system. Hence, the Danish Energy Agency expects that the PV capacity will quadruple towards 2025.

Photovoltaics are starting to play a significant role in the Danish energy system. Based on new updated figures for the solar cell market, the Danish Energy Agency estimates that solar cells will supply 5 per cent and 8 per cent respectively of Denmark’s electricity consumption in 2020 and 2025.

In the equivalent baseline projection from 2014, solar cells were predicted to cover only half - about 2.7 percent of the electricity consumption in 2020.

Same capacity as offshore wind turbines

Solar capacity is expected to increase from today's 680 MW to 1,750 MW by 2020 to 3,000 MW in 2025, which is the same capacity as offshore wind turbines are expected to supply by 2025.

These new figures, although subject to 'considerable uncertainty', are partly based on expectation of a reduction in price of solar power production per/kWh to DKK 45 per/kWh for small PV systems (household plants), and to DKK 32 per/kWh for large solar power plants in 2030.

The figures are also partly based on a model developed by the Danish Energy Agency that translates the declining prices to a degree of expansion. According to the model, the expansion towards 2020 will mainly be seen in private households, whereas large commercial solar power plants are expected to be profitable after 2020 and thus play a more significant role.

Stellar testing opportunities in nation-wide smart grid

Denmark holds a strong international position within smart grids and offers a unique opportunity for testing your solutions in a nation-wide smart grid.

Hence, Denmark is moving from 30% green power in the grid today to 100% by 2035 and has one of the world’s most advanced value chains within smart grids.

In Denmark you will find knowledge, data and measurements that are crucial to the development of smart grid technologies. Furthermore, the country holds strong experts in the energy storage technologies.

Denmark’s demonstration activities such as’s cell project, the EV integration project EDISON and the EU-financed EcoGrid have placed Denmark at the very forefront when it comes to demonstration activities.

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