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Retail giant Coop Denmark aims to make their operations climate positive by 2030

As a result of a range of climate initiatives, Coop Denmark is the first Danish consumer goods retailer to get their climate efforts audited by the international non-profit organization CDP, who places Coop at the top of international companies working to meet the objectives stated in the Paris Agreement.
Companies targeting a low-emission business transformation can gain a lot of value by evaluating their current supply chain. A low-emission journey is no longer a matter of "if", but "when" and introducing sustainable practices are imperative and a long-term good business case.

The Danish retail chain Coop have done just that and the results are clear - Coop Denmark is now a top-tier company when it comes to reaching the Paris-agreement according CDP. 
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“Coop Denmark demonstrated a solid first ever reporting to CDP. Their B-score shows that climate change is integrated into their business strategy, and that processes for managing climate-related risks and opportunities have been implemented and are in line with the transition to a low-emission economy."
Andreas Svennefjord Senior Account Manager, CDP

In the beginning of 2020, Coop Denmark introduced an ambitious plan for their future business. In 2030, the company wants their operations to be climate positive. The way to reach the goal is paved with initiatives that creates a more sustainable supply chain, from sourcing to end of use. Some initiatives already in place are:

  • Train instead of trucks now transport goods from Spain
  • A range of retail shops are driven by solar panels and hot water pumps
  • The consumers can track their Co2 emission each time they shop in a Coop store 
  • Plastic bags are made of Coop's own waste. 

The impact of these initiatives have been imminent, and consequently Coop is rewarded with a "B" score from CDP in their first ever climate disclosure. According to CDP, the score is based on the company's ability to integrate the climate changes in their business strategy and processes to control climate related risks. 
With the "B" score Coop is better placed than 91% of other first time respondents and places them among the top third of international companies.  

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