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National Danish Research Health Data Gateway assists researchers with accessing data

Danish health data is unique and excellent for longitudinal disease research. The new national service offers assistance to public and private researchers on how to apply for access to Danish health data.

Danish health data is unique 

For decades, the Danish healthcare system has collected health data on more than 10 million Danes, including now deceased persons. The data is linkable, of high quality, longitudinal, structured, and centralised, covering the entire Danish population. They are essential when doing disease research for the greater good of patients and the Danish society in general. 


Researchers need to follow a specific application process and a set of requirements when applying for accessing Danish health data for research purposes. To provide a better overview of these processes, the Danish Ministry of Health and Danish Regions (responsible for the Danish hospitals amongst others) have established The Research Health Data Gateway.

Better access to health data benefits the development of new treatment methods and new medicines. This can help increase the quality of life for patients and save lives in the long run.

quote ikon
”It is important that we provide a better overview of and secure easy access to Danish health data enabling world-class health research. It contributes to the development of better treatment methods, new medicine and innovative solutions for the benefit of Danish patients, public health and society.” 
Magnus Heunicke Danish Minister for Health  
Magnus Heunicke, Danish Minister for Health
The Chairman of Danish Regions, Anders Kühnau, also emphasizes the importance of a better overview and sharing of Danish health data.
quote ikon
“Better sharing of Danish health data is crucial in retaining a strong health research field for the benefit of the Danish population. The Regions are pleased that both Danish and international researchers are assisted in access to Danish health data. This will benefit the Danish patients since more research may be placed in Denmark. Ultimately, it will benefit us all, as we can fuel new and groundbreaking research.” 
Anders Kühnau Chairman of Danish Regions
Anders Kuhnau - Danske regioner

Get your research started quickly 

The Research Health Data Gateway assists researchers with: 
  • Gaining an overview of available health data 

  • Understanding the application process information and guidance 

  • Providing instructions on how to correctly prepare an application 

  • Provide links to apply for access to and use of health data as well as approval from relevant authorities 


Overview, guidance and access to apply for health data

The need for information and guidance depends on the specific project and the type of research as well as the researcher’s experience. The Research Health Data Gateway consists of three independent projects: 

  • The “Metadata Map”

    A nationwide online catalogue of available data from the Danish National Health Registers. Use the Metadata Map to search and compare available data from the Danish Health Registers to gain insight into which data sources are most suitable for a given research project.
  • The “Application” page

    The page provides an overview of relevant authorities to apply to depending on data type as well as an overview of data controllers and their contact details.  
  • The “Guidance” function

    The guidance functions consists of a team that counsels and helps researchers with the first level processes of a research application. Furthermore, it includes a webpage that contains information about application, documentation and approval from the appropriate authority as well as information about the application process. Researchers are able to find information on how to link data across multiple data sources. 

learn more Visit The Research Health Data Gateway

Visit The Research Health Data Gateway (“En indgang til sundhedsdata - Frontpage”) for more information.

The Research Health Data Gateway website is still being developed. During 2022, additional contents and features will be added to the website.

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