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New Danish national super hospitals ready for the future

The construction of five new national super hospitals with state-of-the-art health IT infrastructure is well underway in Denmark. This is a unique opportunity for companies to do business and develop new solutions.

In the near future Denmark will have fewer, larger and more specialised hospitals and the use of health IT will be intensified. The objective of the new hospital structure is to meet increasing demands to the public healthcare system and to improve the quality of patient care, while reducing public spending.

To face this challenge, the hospitals are being developed and built in close cooperation with a range of relevant stakeholders, including international companies with specific know-how, not least within health IT and medical technology.

“The Danish hospital system is undergoing unprecedented expansion and restructuring. The new national super hospitals will feature greater cohesion between health service technology and the physical facilities, resulting in Denmark further enhancing its positon as a leading eHealth nation,” says Jeppe Solmer, eHealth Team Leader at Invest in Denmark, and continues:

This is an excellent opportunity for foreign companies looking to bring innovative solutions to the European market. New and innovative technical solutions are of particular interest to decision makers in the hospital construction projects - specific business opportunities exist within sectors covering hospital logistics, hospital automation systems and hospital IT systems.

Jeppe Solmer, eHealth Team Leader Invest in Denmark

Danish hospitals have been co-developing innovative healthcare solutions with the industry for many years. This approach is now extended to a core methodology in a so-called intelligent hospital construction. 5 new national super hospitals are being built and 11 existing hospitals are being renovated.

Fast-moving construction results

Included in the construction of five new national super hospitals is the University Hospital in Aarhus, Denmark, which is being added to the existing Aarhus University Hospital to create one overall hospital complex in the size of a Danish provincial town.

The ultra-modern hospital is designed and organized to flexibly meet future requirements of technology, treatment methods and working methods. It is a pioneering project both in Denmark and internationally when it comes to the concept of ‘healing architecture’.

This relates to every aspect of the hospital’s physical design, from the design of single-bed wards, and the use of daylight and flows of light in all rooms, to straightforward way-finding, flexible functionalities for future development, and the design of the landscape and garden spaces around the hospital.

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