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Medical cannabis centre of excellence emerges in Denmark

Medical cannabis production is a dynamic segment of the Danish life sciences sector, attracting significant investment, creating jobs, and driving exports. 

The Danish medicinal cannabis sector excels by combining established strengths in advanced horticulture and a world-class pharmaceutical sector. Now, the industry is blossoming through international investment and strong collaboration with regional partners, particularly on Funen.

The Odense region, a part of Funen, has attracted significant investments in cultivation from global producers such as Vertanical (Germany), Aurora Nordic (Canada), Little Green Pharma (Australia) as well as supporting industries such as QNTM Labs (U.S.) in the testing and analysis segment. Tight networks and close collaboration have been fostered by Danish Board of Business Development contributions towards cannabis as a stronghold on Funen.

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Permanent framework, rapid expansion

The Danish medical cannabis industry started in 2018, and has since then grown into a magnet for international investment and is quickly scaling up to drive exports across Europe. In 2022, the Danish government established a permanent framework for medical cannabis production.

The permanent framework has reduced investment risk, and led to a rapid expansion of production activity in Denmark. At the same time, the new framework unlocked new opportunities for the development of new plant genetics and API production.

New opportunities for commercial breeding and propagation under the permanent framework for medical cannabis production

A significant new subsector has emerged as part of the permanent framework on medical cannabis production.

Denmark is a traditional powerhouse in commercial breeding in horticulture, in sectors ranging from grass seeds at football stadiums around Europe to hydrangeas to potted roses.

Medical cannabis is at an early stage of development but already Danish expertise has made a significant impact on the sector. Established cannabis producers have developed in-house breeding programs for supporting production. And new commercial breeders such as the Funen-based Nordic Supreme have emerged to serve the dynamic European medical cannabis industry.

Research organisations such as the Danish Technological Institute have entered the sector to provide specific services in breeding, genetics, and cultivation technology developed as part of traditional Danish expertise in advanced horticulture.

Breeding and propagation is a core segment of the medical cannabis industry and offers additional investment opportunities unique in Europe.

Read more about the new enhanced opportunities under the new permanent framework for medical cannabis production on the website of the Danish Medicines Agency (in Danish).

Start in Denmark – end on a global scale

The Danish medical cannabis industry is based on a model with an open-ended licensing regime based on high quality but no limits to the scale of production. The means that companies can establish in Denmark and scale up to a European or even global focus for production.

In the broader life sciences industry, Denmark is a leading nation for R&D expenditure, clinical research, and drug development. This platform provides a solid basis for the medical cannabis industry to draw on the strengths of the Danish life sciences industry while drawing on expertise in automation, AgTech, and sustainable energy and resource management.

Learn more about setting up in the Danish medical cannabis industry. 

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