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Major potential using quantum technology in the life science industry

RAND Europe, a not-for-profit research organisation, has prepared a research report for the Novo Nordisk Foundation and Novo Holdings, which examines the development and adoption of quantum computing technologies in the life sciences sector. The report states that the current trajectory promises a myriad of opportunities within life sciences. This could fundamentally change the industry.  

The overarching aim of the research was to conduct a landscape review to understand key trends, challenges and opportunities associated with the application of quantum computers and simulators to the life science sector.

While there are multiple and differing predictions and forecasts, there is a general agreement among experts that, in the long term, quantum computers and quantum simulators promise a myriad of opportunities in the life science sector that could fundamentally change the industry.

Even now, quantum technologies (for example, quantum computers and quantum simulators) are already making significant progress in areas such as drug development, simulation of chemical processes, and genetic and genomic sequencing. The application of quantum technology in these areas is currently at an early, proof of concept stage, where testing is taking place in small-scale studies.

The research presented in this report contributes with valuable information on the interplay between the areas of quantum technology and life sciences that will be of interest to a range of stakeholders including those in academia and industry, policymakers and more generally to anyone interested in the development, adoption and impact of emerging technologies.

Denmark is an ideal location for utilising this great potential of quantum technology in the life science industry as Denmark takes the leading positions in both areas.

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