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EUDP are allocating more than DKK 500 million for grant applications

The Danish Energy Technology Development and Demonstration (EUDP) is once again supporting new energy technologies that contribute to the Danish government’s goal to reduce CO2 emissions by 70% by 2030. A total of DKK 543 million will be available for new energy technology projects. This consists of DKK 250 million for a general funding scheme as well as four other specialized funding pools. 

Since 2007, EUDP have supported Danish as well as foreign companies and universities to develop and demonstrate new energy technologies. The EUDP funding supports the development of all types of energy technologies projects including renewable energy technologies, energy efficiency technologies, conversion technologies such as fuel cells and hydrogen, integration of energy systems e.g. storage, more efficient methods for recovery of oil and gas and storage of CO2.

Maritime: DKK 20 million
This special funding pool supports maritime development, demonstration projects and the implementation of newly developed, non-market-ready green climate solutions for ships and ports. The initiative relies on a political agreement to restart Danish export after challenging years due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Power-to-X: DKK 8 million
This special pool targets the development and demonstration of technologies that are necessary to process hydrogen into "X" products including capture and purification of CO2 at waste incineration plants or industrial companies as well as production of e.g. green ammonia and jet fuel.

Co2-Storage in the North Sea: DKK 197 million
Funds allocated to projects that deal with the development and demonstration of technologies related to CO2 storage in the North Sea. The aim is to secure the development of the CO2 storage to be ready by 2025.

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Green process energy: DKK 68.6 million
The green process energy pool supports projects focusing on the development and demonstration of the technologies needed to reduce industries' energy consumption and CO2 emissions.

The application deadline is the 3rd September 2021

Read more about applying for funding at EUDP here.

Can non-Danish projects apply?

Foreign projects can also apply for funding as long as the projects contribute to technology development in Denmark and the main applicant is registered with a Danish CVR number. If the project is applying for more than DKK 3 million, the application must be completed in English. If the amount of funding requested is less than DKK 3 million, the application can be written in English or Danish. Projects can apply for an exemption to write the application in English if the support amount is less than DKK 15 million.
quote ikon
"We emphasize that all types of companies, large as well as small ones, apply, and we hope, among other things, that there will be more applications that deal with technologies that can support the conversion of the industrial process energy. The record high number of applications we saw in recent rounds is a good sign of great interest in green technology development."
Anne Grete Holmsgaard Chairwoman of EUDP, Board of Directors

Projects supported in June 2021

28 projects out of 100 applications received a grant from the last EUDP funding round in June 2021. In total, DKK 265 million was allocated to new projects from both small and medium size businesses as well as start-ups and universities. A historically large grant size of DKK 81 million was given to the REDDAP-project, which together with Skovgaard Invest, Vestas and Haldor Topsøe, will build a Power-to-X facility that will produce 5000 tonnes green ammonia per year with renewable energy. The plant is ready by 2023 and the production will reduce CO2 emissions by 8200 tonnes annually.

Supported EUDP projects June 2021

Heavy transport and Power-to-X DKK 109,4 million  3 projects
CO2 Carbon Capture DKK 23,25 million 1 project
Energy efficiency DKK 61,1 million  13 projects
Green electricity and other purposes DKK 53,4 million 7 projects
Flexible electricity use, network expansion and digitalization DKK 10,5 million 3 projects
Other DKK 6,8 million 1 project

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